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Monday, 7 April 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set #Review

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set

This gorgeous Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set from Find Me A Gift is currently on sale for only £6.49. They would normally sell for £9.99 but have a 35% saving at the moment.  It's a delightful pampering gift for chocoholics aged 10 to 100.

The Bath bombs are the perfect luxury gift for any chocoholic. You simply drop the chocolate bath bomb of your choice into the water and watch it fizz, softly transforming the bathroom into a beautiful mix of chocolate aromas. 

This Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts Chocolate Gift Set comes with 6 different flavoured bath melts such as; chocolate buttercup, mocha, chocolate orange and vanilla. You can relax as the bath bombs dissolve, and slowly release their Cocoa and Shea Fruit Butters into the water to moisturise and soften your skin.

I've been trying these out over the past few days and have to see say they are very pretty. It seemed a real shame to drop them into my bath when they looked so lovely sitting in their box but I managed it in the end. They fizz very slowly and make your bath water go a cloudy colour. They smell delicious but please don't be tempted to eat them as they're not edible.

These Bomb Cosmetics Bath Melts are very nice, they look great before use and melt into your bath to smell lovely and make your skin all soft and lovely after. For just £6.49 they're a real bargain and could make a great treat for someone you know. You would never know how cheap they were by looking at them, they're made to a really high quality and look beautiful. 

I've used 3 of my Bath Melts so far and have really enjoyed using every one. I still have 3 more to go which I do have to say I'm quite looking forward to using in my next bath. What do you put in your bath? Have you tried Bath Cosmetics Bath Melts before?

Disclosure: I was sent a box of Bath Cosmetics Bath Melts for the purpose of this review but that doesn't influence my opinions expressed as they are always 100% honest and my own.

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