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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

4M Fancy Charms Making Kit #Review

4M Fancy Charms Making Kit

You can create your own dazzling style with these cute, sparkling charms! The 4M Fancy Charms Making Kit costs £9.99 and is aimed at children aged 8 and above. I really liked this set as it's so easy to do and the end results are lovely. I have two girls so this set was perfect for us as it contains enough pieces to make two bracelets and a pair of earrings. We didn't make the earrings as none of my girls have got their ears pierced but the bracelets were fab.

Inside the box you get 2 bracelet chains, 1 pair of earrings, 12 circular disks, 12 plastic dome shaped cover stickers  and lots of little clips which you'll need to attach your pieces together. You simply stick your chosen stickers onto your disc and then pop a plastic dome shaped cover sticker over it to keep it protected from water or harm. The clips are quite fiddly but they are easy once you get the hang of doing them. I did break a nail in the process of learning that there was an way way to do them, they were slanted a certain way to make them easier to use. Of course me, being me didn't see this until I had already done half of them.

There's 12 charms in total, 2 are for the earrings and 10 are for the bracelets so that's 5 for each one which is plenty as they are only small anyway. Having 5 charms on each bracelet was more than enough though as 5 fits nicely and space out evenly.

My girls really love their new bracelets and they look so pretty on. This set was really easy to use and lots of fun to do. It's a little fiddly but well worth making, for just £9.99 I think it's definitely a set worth buying if you have girls who like making their own jewellery. Chloe, Lily and I are all really pleased with how the bracelets turned out, Lily still hasn't taken hers off yet. We;d score this set a very well deserved 4/5 as we really did enjoy it.

Disclosure: We were sent our set for the purpose of this review but all the opinions expressed are still 100% honest and always my own.

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