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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Me and My Converse! #Review

Me and My Converse!

Have you ever been on the outside of the fashion bubble? The one who sits and watches the fashion trends pass by but never actually joins in? I know I have, I do this all the time! I see 'trends' like playsuits and high heels, matching clutch bags and shoes and think .. Why?

I've never been very good at blending in, I guess I just don't like being one of the crowd. I've always wanted to be more that, I've always want to remain me (whoever that might be).  I wear whatever I feel comfortable in or whatever takes my fancy whilst I'm out shopping. I don't really have a specific style or a certain way of dressing. I just get up in the morning and throw on what I feel like wearing at that time. Isn't that what everyone does? (I'm betting not).

Well anyway last week an opportunity arose that I just couldn't pass up, it was my chance to try out one of those so called trends. All of my friends were wearing a brand called Converse and have been ranting about how great they are for months, so I finally took the plunge and got myself a pair. Me, being me though I couldn't bring myself to buy a plain, pretty pair so I went for the most unique ones that they had. I wouldn't want to look like I'm trying to fit in now.

I went to Cloggs and chose myself a rather funky pair of Converse Seasonal All Star Ox in Black and when they arrived the next day I popped them straight on. I did feel a bit weird wearing a brand that everyone else was wearing but they looked really good on me and if I must admit, they made me feel good too. Don't get me wrong I still believe that clothes don't make a person but these were really nice and I actually liked wearing them. I almost felt a little guilty that I Liked them so much but not too much so that I'd take them off.

The soles are chunky which seems to be what makes them so comfy, as they're not putting your feet flat on the hard floor. I loved the patterns on them, there's stars and safety pins and skulls too, they're very different which is very me. They're very easy to clean too. I was worried that the white sides and fronts would get dirty really easily but so far I've just been wiping them clean with a damp cloth at the end of every day and they've been fine.

If you were to buy these in the shops they would cost you around £55 which I'm not sure if I'd pay or not. A lot of people buy shoes like this for the brand or the name alone but I like to buy for quality or comfort. These shoes are both great quality and very comfortable but to me, when I have 3 kids to put shoes on first it's still a little higher than I would normally be prepared to pay. If I had the cash spare then maybe I would but at the moment I just wouldn't.

Having said all that me and my new Converse shoes are very happy together at the moment and will continue to be so for a long time to come I hope. My eldest daughter is happy, she likes having a trendy mum as she keeps telling me. Her feet better stop growing or she'll be catching up with me and trying to wear them when I'm not looking. 

Before last week I always saw Converse as a younger persons shoe but not any more. Converse are now an anybody shoe in my eyes which is a good thing.

Disclosure: I was sent my Converse shoes for the purpose of this review but that does not in anyway influence me. All the opinions expressed are 100% and all my own.


  1. Lovely review!! I love converse and I especially love the ones in this review!! :D

  2. My friend has worn the same pair nearly every day for 3 years so they do last but it's heaving spare cash as you say.

    1. Oooh that's good to know, long lasting makes the price a little more worth it x