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My Family

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Gigaset C620A - The Clever Family Phone #Review

 Gigaset C620A - The Clever Family Phone

Until last week I'd not actually heard of Gigaset before so I was very excited to be trying out one of their super looking house phones. My house phone had seen better days but it's just one of those things that I'd put off replacing until it was actually dead and would work no more.

The Gigaset C620A costs around £59.99 and is available from both Argos and John Lewis. It's a great looking phone that has lots of extra features to make your life that little bit easier. You can use it to simplify your household routine with it's clever family phone features. 

It's wonderful address book can store up to 250 entries, each with 3 numbers plus an email address and even reminder dates too. It has amazing HSP™ sound quality, so it's always clear even when talking hands-free. If you're hard of hearing sometimes then this is perfect! It has cute illuminated keys for easy access to SMS or voice messages on it's handy answering machine. I love the screensaver display, it's bright and easy to read and also has both a digital and analogue clock or colour picture slideshow, it's up to you.

I love the size of this phone, it's not too small that you can't see the screen clearly but it's also not too big that it doesn't then fit comfortably into the palm of your hand. Even though it's packed full of both fun and useful features it's still very easy to use and all of those sad features are all easy to access and find. The menu's on the screen itself are all nice and clear and laid out in a very organised manor. I'm so glad that I got to try a Gigaset handset as I'm so pleased with it and would now happily recommend them to all my family and friends.

Another thing I love about this phone is the fresh and funky ringtones that you can choose from, my phone rang the other day whilst I had a friend over and it sure made her laugh and smile. So much so, that now she wants one of these phones just to hear it ring in her house. The clear displays and clear sounds make this phone just perfect for families like mine. I'm now actually thinking of buying my mum and dad one of these now as it would be so great for them. They both struggle to hear their phone conversations on their current phone but with one like mine I;m sure they would find a massive improvement of the quality of the sound.

The Gigaset C620A has been a delight to test out and now it sits pride of place next to my TV. It's not only easy on the eye to look at but it's a great phone to use too! You can check out all of Gigaset's amazing phones online, there's so many designs to choose from. There really is a house phone built to suit everybody's needs!

Disclosure: I was sent my Gigaset handset for the purpose of this review but that does not in any way influence my review. My opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own!


  1. That sounds great! I've never heard of that make either....I keep saying we need a new phone but it's one of those things I never get around to buying....

    1. It's weird that we tend to stick to brands that we have heard of isn't it? After trying a new one though I'm happy to start trying other new brands as I've been missing out lol This phone has been really good - I'm happy using it :) x

  2. I've not heard about this brand either. Alot of the shops tend to have the main brands - BT and Panasonic. Both I've had and not lasted for more than 2 years! wil definatley try now that I've read your reviews.

  3. We are used this phone . perfect!

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