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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Celebrate Girl Talk's 500TH Edition! #GirlsAreAmazing

Celebrate Girl Talk's 500TH Edition! 

Girl Talk is the longest running magazine for pre-teen girls aged 7-12. To celebrate their 500th issue on sale from today 26th March, they’re launching #GirlsAreAmazing, a campaign to promote positive role models, expand ambitions and boost self-esteem in young girls.

The campaign will be running throughout the year, starting from the 26th March with features appearing in every issue of Girl Talk magazine.  

They'll be featuring career profiles and stories of inspirational women excelling in sport, science, business, technology and lots more. 

Stories from Girl Talk readers who've achieved something great plus opinion pieces about issues affecting them. 

Fortnightly challenges to help build their readers’ confidence. 

An Amazing BFFs competition in partnership with Westfield, where they'll be looking for the UK’s best BFFs! The winners will then get a chance to be Girl Talk cover stars and receive fantastic prizes. 

Pre-teen girls can send their AMAZING stories into:
Girls Are Amazing
Girl Talk magazine 
Immediate Media 
44 Brook Green 
London W6 7BT 

Or they can Email:

The #GirlsAreAmazing campaign will help to promote positive female role models and broaden the ambitions of young girls beyond just pop stardom! Recent research showed a real lack of girls aspiring to other careers and interestingly very few cited businesswomen; journalists; politicians; artist or authors etc as their role models. 

My daughter Chloe is 11 and will be joining in the campaign. I'll be encouraging her to share any views she has, together we're going to show the world that Girls Are Amazing!

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  1. I used to read girl talk when I was younger !! Awww such memories, I'm glad they're still going strong :)