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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair Doll #Review

 Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair Doll - Avery

The Moxie Girlz are dazzling this season with their sparkly mermaid outfits and amazing hair designs, in the fabulous new Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair doll range.

Avery, Sophina and Monet each bring three different mermaid looks to the new range, with their glittery outfits and colourful hair. Girls will enjoy creating fun new hair styles for their doll using the two gorgeous shell hair clips provided to accessorise the magical look. The child can also wear the clips in their own hair too!

Adding water fun to colourful hair play, the shimmering mermaid tail can be removed to reveal a super cute bathing suit. Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair doll costs around £19.99 and is available from all good toy retailers nationwide. 

My middle daughter Lily loves Moxie dolls so she was very excited when a gorgeous FantaSea Hair Avery doll arrived for her to play with last week. She's actually been quite obsessive over it, sitting there combing it's hair over and over again but I'm not one to complain when she's happy and being quiet. I think she really likes her.

Avery is a very pretty doll, she wears a pink bikini with a stunning sparkly pink tail and matching pink hair. Lily loves anything pink so she's besotted with her new pink friend.

The doll is a good size, much bigger than I had thought they'd be. Her hair is blonde underneath with a pink layer on the top, the contrast of the two colours is really nice. One thing I noticed was that this doll had rather large feet which help her stand but they also detach so that you can take the material tail off easily. It's a clever and efficient ide, it makes undressing her simple and fun. This doll is the perfect bathtime companion seeing as she's already dressed for the occasion. 

For when she's not in the bath, there's lots of pretty hair pieces and accessories to use on her. There's 2 hair clips, 6 textured extension pieces and lots of little velcroed style pins which help attach them to her hair. They're easy to put on and take off making them reusable.

Lily loves her new Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair Avery doll, she's hardly put it down since it arrived. If I had bought this doll it would have definitely been £20 well spend as she adores it. A happy Lily means a happy Mummy (me) so we scored it a fantastic 5/5. It's a really pretty doll and great for playing with both in and out of the bath. 

Definitely a great addition to the Moxie Girlz range!

Disclosure: I was sent my Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair Doll for the purpose of this review but that does not affect my opinions or thoughts about it. They are 100% honest and my own.