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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk chocolate eggs! #Review

Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk chocolate eggs!

Chocolate lovers are in for an egg-cellent treat as Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk launch chocolate Easter egg versions of their ice creams for the very first time. 

These delicious chocolate Easter eggs taste and look just like the iconic ice creams something completely new this Spring! There is no ice cream involved, so freezing isn’t required. The only thing melting will be your friends’ and loved ones’ taste buds as they enjoy the irresistibly smooth chocolate in all three gift packs.

Indulgent Magnum Easter Egg: 

A thick milk chocolate egg made from delicious Magnum chocolate, together with three indulgent Magnum chocolate bars. Each bar contains three, bite sized Magnum portions, the perfect gift for pleasure seekers.

The crack of fine chocolate, encasing the delicious, silky smooth vanilla truffle centre, creates the iconic rich Magnum taste. Made using Magnum Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, delicately flavoured with Madagascan vanilla. The delicious chocolate Magnum Easter Eggs, have the same great Magnum taste, without the ice cream!

Each box contains three bite sized pieces and a Magnum chocolate egg for £8.00

Cornetto Easter Egg:

A delicious thick, milk chocolate egg, together with four delicious Cornetto vanilla chocolatey cones, a totally new and exciting gift for Easter, there is no way that you will be sharing! 

Each cone is made using the famous crispy, chocolatey coated Cornetto wafer, encasing a lusciously light whipped, creamy chocolatey centre, the Cornetto chocolate, is delicious. Topped with toasted hazelnuts sprinkles and milk chocolate drops, it makes a delightfully light tasting treat with the same iconic Cornetto taste, but without the ice cream!

Each box contains four Cornetto chocolates and a premium chocolate egg for £8.00.

Mini Milk Easter Eggs:

A delicious Mini Milk chocolate Easter Egg and four Mini Milk chocolate lollipops all packaged up in a Mini Milk Ice cream van. The treat sized Mini Milk chocolate lollies each have 30% of the RDA of calcium, and are 94 calories. Each lolly has a whipped centre, encased in a smooth shell, which will melt the taste buds with each bite.  

Each box contains four Mini Milk lollipops and a Mini Milk chocolate egg for £6.00.

What cool , creative Easter Eggs, I love these! They're so much fun and fantastically presented, they taste great and make Easter Eggs exciting. I'd be more than happy to receive one of these three this year. They're perfect for all ages!

All three Easter gift packs will be rolling out across major retailers from February!

Disclosure: I was sent  these 3 easter eggs for the purpose of this review but that doesn't affect my opinions given. They are 100% honest and my own.

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