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My Family

Monday, 17 February 2014

A Valentine's Weekend To Remember!

A Valentine's Weekend To Remember!

 This weekend has been amazing, so many wonderful memories have been made and it's all thanks to the wonderful NEC group. I got lucky last Thursday when I won a competition that I had entered via Twitter, the prize was local to us and definitely one not to be passed up.

A night for two at the beautiful Best Western Manor Hotel including a 4 course Valentine's' Dinner by candle light and a Gary Barlow Tribute night. I was so excited before we went but I couldn't have imagined how great this event was going to be.

Everyone was so friendly, the manager himself even came over to congratulate me making me feel very welcome. When I entered our room I was amazed, we had been upgraded to a gorgeous Executive Suit with a four poster bed - Eeek YES a four poster bed! Omg I was in heaven, I've always wanted to sleep in a four poster bed, it's been a weird dream of mine for so long and it was about to come true. I was one very happy lady, I can tell you!

There was personal touches everywhere, handmade chocolates in the bedroom. Individual sauce pots at lunch which we bought but enjoyed very much. The lady who served us was so lovely, she came over to congratulate me again. I felt very special, this hotel had gone to a lot of effort to make sure their staff knew who I was and looked after me.

When we arrived for dinner, we were met by a lovely man who asked my surname and then told me my first name and again congratulated me as he took us too our table which was on the front row, the dead centre table. I felt like a star, this special treatment was just so nice. 

Our table was beautifully decorated with sequin hearts and a single red rose. The mea was delicious and the staff were amazing. Waiters topped up our drinks throughout the night and made us feel so special. I cannot thank them all enough for making our night so fab.

The food was so pretty, everything was so well presented and tasted fab. We really couldn't have wished for anything more, the music was great and the company was fun. Couples danced and sang along, all ages had came together to have a very memorable evening.

We topped off our evening by getting our photographs taken by a professional photographer at the back of the room which we then bought as a treat to take home. 

Although we were technically only half an hour away from home it felt like we were a whole world away! It's one of the best weekends I've had in a long time and I've enjoyed every minute!

I have got to love my hobby, entering competitions really does open up a whole new world full of amazing opportunities and wonderful prizes. My weekend will stay with me forever!

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  1. Aww congrats! Sounds like you had such a wonderful time!! Seems like the hotel really went out of their way to make your stay so special! x