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My Family

Friday, 28 February 2014

Tesco Healthy Living #Review

Tesco Healthy Living 

Tesco very kindly sent me a £10 voucher and asked me to review some of their new range of Healthy Living foods.  As I am on new regime of exercise and eating well I jumped at the opportunity. I first looked at the Tesco website to see what they had in the range.  It looked great ranging from Chicken Tikka Marsala for my love of spicy food to Bangers and Mash for my partners sensitive palate.  There were soups, energy bars, desserts (hurray), yoghurts, in fact the whole range. 

I set off for Tesco with my voucher clutched in my hand and headed for the chilled meals counter.  I was a little disappointed that there was only a choice of 6 main meals on show (on the website there are approx 30) and only 3 desserts.

Looking at the meals on offer they are all lower calorie than their 'full fat' equivalents but are mainly the same size.  My danger time for snacking is around lunchtime when all the children are at school and I have dashed back from the gym or shopping or whatever and am starving!  So I looked for a meal to keep me going until dinner.  I chose the Chicken and Prawn Paella (370 cals) and the Baked Potato with Cheese (224 cals each potato) which had 2 in the packet and finally the Tuscan Bean Broth (146 cals).

I had these over one week each lunchtime and must admit I was surprised at how tasty they were.  Paella is one of my favourite meals and this was a good mixture of chicken and prawn and the rice was really tasty flavoured with chorizo.  It was filling for a lunchtime meal but I think for an evening meal it would have to bulked out with a salad or veggies.

The baked potatoes were another filling meal - in fact 2 meals, each potato was approx 180g so was a decent size, the cheese topping was adequate. I thought to myself that it was expensive for a couple of potatoes (£2.75) but probably better for me as if I had made them myself I would have had a few hundred calories worth of cheese and butter on top!

My favourite though was the Tuscan Bean Broth, you just add boiling water, leave to stand and it is ready.  It was full of flavour, plenty of beans and so filling. You could take this with you anywhere and have a snack ready with no fuss at all.

Now being a chocoholic I could not resist a trying a dessert so went for the Chocolate Muffin Dessert (165 cals).  I had this after all the children were in bed and I was able to sit back and relax.  This dessert is filled with chocolate mousse, chocolate custard, chocolate muffin pieces and bits of chocolate on the top - what more could you ask for?  Yes, it did taste chocolaty, not overpoweringly sweet, maybe just a hint of saccharine but it hit the spot and lasted longer than a bar of chocolate and felt very decadent.

Finally I tried the Instant Hot Chocolate (39 cals).  I love a cup of cocoa at bedtime so this was ideal.  It was very nice, but as you make it with water I felt it was a bit well, watery!  Not as nice as a cup of cocoa made with milk, but of course a lot less calories so you have to choose.

All in all I enjoyed my Healthy Living meals and would say to give them a go instead of a full fat meal, you have nothing to lose but a few pounds

Disclosure: I was sent a £10 voucher to buy the products I reviewed.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Thank you so much for the MAD Blog Award nominations. .

Thank you so much for the MAD Blog
 Award nominations.

Thank you so much to everyone who has nominated me for a MAD Blog Award this week, I am so pleased and very grateful to each of you. I never dreamt that anyone would want to nominate my blog but have always secretly hoped I guess. 

I am so overwhelmed to have been nominated in the following categories:

Best MAD Blog for Family Fun
Most Innovative Blog
Best Blog Writer
Most Entertaining Blog
Best Blog Photography
MAD Blog of the Year!

To everyone who nominated me - Thank You so much. If anyone would like to nominate my blog for an award, you can nominate here

I wish all the blogs all the best of luck, there's so many deserving winners out there!

Eeek I'm just so happy and excited to have been nominated! Thank You!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ryan and Barny's Little Adventure.. #littleadventures

Ryan and Barny's Little Adventure..

A few weeks ago Ryan met Barny who arrived flat packed in a delicious delivery. We'd met some of Barny's cousins last year, Chocolate Barny and Milk Barny but now we'd been introduced to Apple Barny and Strawberry Barny. We do like the Barny family!

Ryan loved Apple Barny he was so sweet and fun, 
A new adventure had just begun.
They sat and stared at each other for hours, 
Before running off to smell the flowers.

Hopping and jumping, running and playing. 
A sweet friendship made in heaven but Barny wasn't staying!

Apple Barny was too good to resist, it was only a matter of time.

With his cute bearish looks and his bearish charms 
Soon Apple Barny was left with no arms! 

Oops no arms, oh no you shout. 
Save him, someone get him out.

I did try, I really did but sadly he wasn't as quick as my kid.

Ryan and Barny were still together and merry.
Only now Ryan was playing and Barny was in his belly!

Ryan sat and thought for a while about his new little pal,
He was kinda sad now that he'd gone but he was yummy, oh well.

It wasn't much fun now playing alone, 
But it didn't matter as it was time to go home!

Ryan wasn't alone for long so don't feel sad for him,
He found his shadow and a new adventure begins! 

This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Winter Little Adventures Challenge’ sponsored by Barny, individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling. 

Find out more about Barny here 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk chocolate eggs! #Review

Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk chocolate eggs!

Chocolate lovers are in for an egg-cellent treat as Magnum, Cornetto and Mini Milk launch chocolate Easter egg versions of their ice creams for the very first time. 

These delicious chocolate Easter eggs taste and look just like the iconic ice creams something completely new this Spring! There is no ice cream involved, so freezing isn’t required. The only thing melting will be your friends’ and loved ones’ taste buds as they enjoy the irresistibly smooth chocolate in all three gift packs.

Indulgent Magnum Easter Egg: 

A thick milk chocolate egg made from delicious Magnum chocolate, together with three indulgent Magnum chocolate bars. Each bar contains three, bite sized Magnum portions, the perfect gift for pleasure seekers.

The crack of fine chocolate, encasing the delicious, silky smooth vanilla truffle centre, creates the iconic rich Magnum taste. Made using Magnum Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, delicately flavoured with Madagascan vanilla. The delicious chocolate Magnum Easter Eggs, have the same great Magnum taste, without the ice cream!

Each box contains three bite sized pieces and a Magnum chocolate egg for £8.00

Cornetto Easter Egg:

A delicious thick, milk chocolate egg, together with four delicious Cornetto vanilla chocolatey cones, a totally new and exciting gift for Easter, there is no way that you will be sharing! 

Each cone is made using the famous crispy, chocolatey coated Cornetto wafer, encasing a lusciously light whipped, creamy chocolatey centre, the Cornetto chocolate, is delicious. Topped with toasted hazelnuts sprinkles and milk chocolate drops, it makes a delightfully light tasting treat with the same iconic Cornetto taste, but without the ice cream!

Each box contains four Cornetto chocolates and a premium chocolate egg for £8.00.

Mini Milk Easter Eggs:

A delicious Mini Milk chocolate Easter Egg and four Mini Milk chocolate lollipops all packaged up in a Mini Milk Ice cream van. The treat sized Mini Milk chocolate lollies each have 30% of the RDA of calcium, and are 94 calories. Each lolly has a whipped centre, encased in a smooth shell, which will melt the taste buds with each bite.  

Each box contains four Mini Milk lollipops and a Mini Milk chocolate egg for £6.00.

What cool , creative Easter Eggs, I love these! They're so much fun and fantastically presented, they taste great and make Easter Eggs exciting. I'd be more than happy to receive one of these three this year. They're perfect for all ages!

All three Easter gift packs will be rolling out across major retailers from February!

Disclosure: I was sent  these 3 easter eggs for the purpose of this review but that doesn't affect my opinions given. They are 100% honest and my own.

#SilentSunday 23/02/2014

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 22 February 2014

I might not be a Pro Cook but my dish certainly is..

I might not be a Pro Cook but my dish certainly is..

Anyone who knows me will know that I'm a tryer when it comes to cooking. I'm not very good but I like to have a go, so anything that makes cooking easier is very welcome here.

This ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Dish is cast from molten iron giving it incredible strength and durability. It has a smart, stainless steel handle and is enameled inside and out with handy self basting rings inside the lid. This dish in particular has got a 28cm / 3.5L capacity and suitable for all hobs and ovens including induction ones. It's not recommended for dishwasher use and comes with a fantastic 25 year guarantee.

The ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Dish is gorgeous. It's well made and very heavy, you can definitely feel and see the quality in it. Today I used it for the very first time to make a family Shepherd's Pie for our dinner. I was really excited to see how it would turn out, I'd never made one before my myself. I must admit I was a little worried about how it would wash afterwards, would all that sticky mess be easy to get off?

Well the dish performed really well and my very first Shepard's Pie turned out great and you'll be pleased to know that it did clean well afterwards too. I soaked it in boiling water for around 10 minutes and then gave it a gentle scrubbing and all was sparkling clean once more!

This casserole dish costs £52 at the moment from the Pro Cook website which is half the usual high street price. I'm not sure if I pay that much for a dish myself but it is a great dish. It's easy to use, cleans well and does what it's meant too. It's an expensive dish but also a top quality one. I enjoyed using it and if it can bring out the best cook in me then it's definitely a hit in my house so I scored it an overall 3/5 which is pretty good.

Disclosure: I was sent my Pro Cook Casserole Dish for the purpose of this review but that does not influence my opinions or thoughts about it. My reviews are 100% honest and my own.

New Special K Granola #Review And #Giveaway

New Special K Granola 
Review And Giveaway!

Slimmers go fruit and nuts for the new Special K Granola.

Getting into shape can be tough – there are times when you crave a delicious treat but you still want to feel good about your choice. Now women can enjoy more of the taste they love at breakfast thanks to Special K which has launched its first-ever granola for slimmers.

Women are set to go fruit and nuts for new Special K Granola with its delicious five grain recipe made from Oats, Barley, Wheat, Spelt, and Rye. 

It’s 30 per cent less fat than most other granolas too. It's fortified with 6 B vitamins and iron and will be available in two juicy varieties: Raisins & Red Apples; and Cranberry, Pumpkin Seeds & Almonds - bursting with real fruit and nut inclusions.

Special K Granola will be in all major supermarkets from February 2014, with a RRP of £2.99 for a 370g bag. This is one tasty bag that should be on everyone’s shopping list in 2014.

I'm definitely a cereal kind of girl but I'd never thought of trying Granola before, until now that is. With two flavours to try, I was looking forward to seeing which I would like the best. The Raisins & Red Apples was delicious, the Red apples gave it a slightly sweet taste whilst the raisins added some yummy, chewy texture. The Cranberry, Pumpkin Seeds & Almonds one was my favourite though as I'm a huge nut fan and these definitely didn't let me down.

Both bags are full of goodies and taste great. I'd be happy to swap my bowl of usual cereal every now and again for a bowl of these. A bowl of Granola tasted great and filled my tummy up until lunch time which was even greater. There's nothing worse than feeling hungry straight after you've just eaten you're breakfast and then have to wait and struggle until lunch.

The Giveaway : Would you like to win 2 cases of the new Special K Granola? That's 2 whole cases - One of each of the two new flavours! Simple use the RaffleCopter form below:

Friday, 21 February 2014

The Pampered Chef Are Going Pink This March For Cancer Research UK!

The Pampered Chef Are Going Pink This March For Cancer Research UK!

The Pampered Chef are so proud to have raised an outstanding £168,350.84 for Cancer Research UK in 2013 and this year they're hoping to do it again.

At The Pampered Chef, they feel it is crucial to promote the importance of breast cancer research. To support this effort, between 1 October and 31 October each year, they will be raising funds for Cancer Research UK from the sale of limited-edition pink products and Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser Cooking Shows.

This March, they also want to support Cancer Research UK further by offering a special Mother’s Day promotion. The Pampered Chef will donate £1 to Cancer Research UK for each of the following pink products purchased in the month of March –

  Pink Bowl Trio Set - £11.75: 3 pretty pink bowls connected together with a cute handle in the middle. They're so cute and decorated lovely. There's simple spots and stripes on the outside of the bowls and cancer ribbon patterns on the inside.  You could use them at tea time for your sugar, tea ad biscuits or if you're like me you could use them for putting your afternoon snacks in. Peanuts, Raisins and Sweets. These cute little bowls make treat time so much fun.

Pink Kitchen Brush - £3.25: Washing up is not a favourite chore of mine but pretty accessories always make it that little bit more fun and what could be cuter than a pretty pink brush. It's Bristles seems tough and sturdy, perfect for cleaning your everyday dirty dishes. It's got a cute but firm handle which makes it really easy to use too. It's fab, well I love it!

Why not show the special women in your life how much you love, admire and care for them with these exclusive pink products!

Both these products can be bought online at or through in-home cooking shows and catalogue shows. 

The pink products will be available to buy from 1st – 31st March 2014.

Disclosure: I was sent the two products for the purpose of this review.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Looking For Somewhere To Shop In London?

Looking For Somewhere To Shop In London?

London Designer Outlet is one of the biggest outlet stores in the uk There's over 70 outlets, restaurants and cafes as well as a 9 screen Cineworld complex in an exciting, vibrant, contemporary and cosmopolitan environment.

It is the destination for outlet shopping, eating and entertainment in the capital - open seven days a week, morning to night.

You can find bargains from most leading high street names, aspirational labels and lifestyle brands at outlet prices of up to 70% off RRP. You can dine in relaxed and stylish surroundings and enjoy a diverse selection of restaurants & caf├ęs offering the best cuisine.

If I lived in London, this is definitely the kind of place I would like to visit. It sounds great and seems to have everything you could possibly want all in one place. There would be no more walking miles between stores looking for what you need, sounds perfect to me.

This place is definitely on my list of places to visit for the next time I'm in London. What do you think? Have you been there before? I'd love to know what it's like.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Our Zack & Quack Twitter Party Was a Blast!

Our Zack & Quack Twitter Party Was a Blast!

As you all know, I was a lucky Zack and Quack party host back on February 7th. The Twitter party was lots of fun but the fun here was even better, the kids had such a great time. It was a bit chaotic with boxes everywhere and kids getting creative but it was all worth it in the end.

It was great to see all the wonderful creations the kids came up with. We made trinket boxes and decorated them with pretty pictures. We used paper plates to make masks of our favourite animals and decorated biscuits with coloured icing. The kids and I all had a great time.

You can see in the picture above a few of our cute creations. The lion was one of my personal favourites, it was delightful. I asked the kids which activity was their favourite and got all sorts of responses. The biscuit decorating was very popular as you could imagine, every child loves eating yummy biscuits. Most of the kids loved watching the first episode of Zack and Quack too, the show was full of fun ideas and really fueled the second part of our party. 

Whilst the kids were busy building, I was busy tweeting along with all the fun on Twitter. There was lots of fun chat, cool creations and crazy giveaways too. The two hours flew by but like people always say "Time flies when you're having fun!" The party was a huge success and a great time was had by all here and online. The kids were all really pleased with their creations and left the party super happy with their amazing Nick JR goody bags. 

Zack and Quack is a bright and colorful show, it's creative and very cool. I'm sure we'll be seeing lots more from them in our house and hopefully you will too after all this.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tesco Loves Baby Launches The Essential Parent Company Baby Guides In Store. WIN A Copy Here.

Tesco Loves Baby Launches The Essential Parent Company Baby Guides In Store.

Tesco Loves Baby has launched The Essential Parent Company Baby Care Guides and single DVDs in store and on, to help support parents through every step of their baby’s development and to celebrate I have teamed up with Tesco Loves Baby to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a copy of brand new 'The Essential Parent Company’s Essential Baby Care Guide' on DVD – it covers everything you need to know for your child’s first year and is worth £19.99.

The DVDs include advice on feeding, care and development, sleeping and first aid. It’s advised and narrated by child development expert Professor Robert Winston, with advice from The Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health, St John Ambulance, UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative and other experts.

The Essential Parent Company Baby Care Guides are available in store and online now. There are also single DVDs on Your Baby’s First Month, Sleeping, Breastfeeding, Formula Feeding, Introducing Solids and First Aid launching in over 240 Tesco stores at £3.99 each.

If you would like to win this copy you can enter using the RaffleCopter form below. Prize draw is open to all UK residents aged 18 or over and one lucky winner will be drawn at random.

Monday, 17 February 2014

A Valentine's Weekend To Remember!

A Valentine's Weekend To Remember!

 This weekend has been amazing, so many wonderful memories have been made and it's all thanks to the wonderful NEC group. I got lucky last Thursday when I won a competition that I had entered via Twitter, the prize was local to us and definitely one not to be passed up.

A night for two at the beautiful Best Western Manor Hotel including a 4 course Valentine's' Dinner by candle light and a Gary Barlow Tribute night. I was so excited before we went but I couldn't have imagined how great this event was going to be.

Everyone was so friendly, the manager himself even came over to congratulate me making me feel very welcome. When I entered our room I was amazed, we had been upgraded to a gorgeous Executive Suit with a four poster bed - Eeek YES a four poster bed! Omg I was in heaven, I've always wanted to sleep in a four poster bed, it's been a weird dream of mine for so long and it was about to come true. I was one very happy lady, I can tell you!

There was personal touches everywhere, handmade chocolates in the bedroom. Individual sauce pots at lunch which we bought but enjoyed very much. The lady who served us was so lovely, she came over to congratulate me again. I felt very special, this hotel had gone to a lot of effort to make sure their staff knew who I was and looked after me.

When we arrived for dinner, we were met by a lovely man who asked my surname and then told me my first name and again congratulated me as he took us too our table which was on the front row, the dead centre table. I felt like a star, this special treatment was just so nice. 

Our table was beautifully decorated with sequin hearts and a single red rose. The mea was delicious and the staff were amazing. Waiters topped up our drinks throughout the night and made us feel so special. I cannot thank them all enough for making our night so fab.

The food was so pretty, everything was so well presented and tasted fab. We really couldn't have wished for anything more, the music was great and the company was fun. Couples danced and sang along, all ages had came together to have a very memorable evening.

We topped off our evening by getting our photographs taken by a professional photographer at the back of the room which we then bought as a treat to take home. 

Although we were technically only half an hour away from home it felt like we were a whole world away! It's one of the best weekends I've had in a long time and I've enjoyed every minute!

I have got to love my hobby, entering competitions really does open up a whole new world full of amazing opportunities and wonderful prizes. My weekend will stay with me forever!

I Want To Look Cool At The Gym.

I Want To Look Cool At The Gym .

Ok so as you might know, I've been going to the gym for a month and I'm really enjoying it BUT I'm starting to feel a bit fashion conscious. My current gym outfit consists of old baggy tracksuit bottoms and a simple black Tee with old (well worn) trainers.

The other day when I was doing my usual treadmill speed walk I couldn't help noticing the other women around me. To my right there stood a very glamourous lady in red, well a red adidas matching tracksuit and I remember thinking "she looks fab". To my left there was another well dressed lady on the cycling machine. She wore a nice pair of fitted leggings, a cute Tee and a cute pair of trainers.

I want to look like them, I want to look cool whilst I'm working out in the gym! 

So, I've been browsing some stores online this week and think I've found my dream outfit. JD Sports has a great range of women's Adidas clothing. The choice is endless.

I love this adidas Originals Trefoil Logo T-Shirt, it's simple but pretty. It has to be black as black hides sweat the best. That might be too much info for you but it's true! 

These adidas Originals Native Jogging Bottoms are fitted but not too tight which I think would be perfect for me. These are lovely, no large logos and again black which I want.

I know I said I wanted black clothes but I don't need to have black shoes too. A splash of colour adds life and vibrance to any outfit so these adidas Originals Honey Plimsoles in Pink would be top of my list. How cute are they? Well I love them anyway!

With an outfit like this I'm sure too feel my best and get the results I want. It's my birthday in 2 weeks so I best start dropping some hints. I could be the Adidas queen of my gym, not in an 'In Your Face' kinda way but in a more gentle, stylish way. I'm actually getting really excited about this outfit, no more feeling envious of the other women at the gym for me.

What do you wear to the gym? Do you care what you look like?

Disclosure: I wrote this post myself but received an item of clothing in compensation.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

#SilentSunday 16/02/2014

Silent Sunday

Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair Doll #Review

 Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair Doll - Avery

The Moxie Girlz are dazzling this season with their sparkly mermaid outfits and amazing hair designs, in the fabulous new Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair doll range.

Avery, Sophina and Monet each bring three different mermaid looks to the new range, with their glittery outfits and colourful hair. Girls will enjoy creating fun new hair styles for their doll using the two gorgeous shell hair clips provided to accessorise the magical look. The child can also wear the clips in their own hair too!

Adding water fun to colourful hair play, the shimmering mermaid tail can be removed to reveal a super cute bathing suit. Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair doll costs around £19.99 and is available from all good toy retailers nationwide. 

My middle daughter Lily loves Moxie dolls so she was very excited when a gorgeous FantaSea Hair Avery doll arrived for her to play with last week. She's actually been quite obsessive over it, sitting there combing it's hair over and over again but I'm not one to complain when she's happy and being quiet. I think she really likes her.

Avery is a very pretty doll, she wears a pink bikini with a stunning sparkly pink tail and matching pink hair. Lily loves anything pink so she's besotted with her new pink friend.

The doll is a good size, much bigger than I had thought they'd be. Her hair is blonde underneath with a pink layer on the top, the contrast of the two colours is really nice. One thing I noticed was that this doll had rather large feet which help her stand but they also detach so that you can take the material tail off easily. It's a clever and efficient ide, it makes undressing her simple and fun. This doll is the perfect bathtime companion seeing as she's already dressed for the occasion. 

For when she's not in the bath, there's lots of pretty hair pieces and accessories to use on her. There's 2 hair clips, 6 textured extension pieces and lots of little velcroed style pins which help attach them to her hair. They're easy to put on and take off making them reusable.

Lily loves her new Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair Avery doll, she's hardly put it down since it arrived. If I had bought this doll it would have definitely been £20 well spend as she adores it. A happy Lily means a happy Mummy (me) so we scored it a fantastic 5/5. It's a really pretty doll and great for playing with both in and out of the bath. 

Definitely a great addition to the Moxie Girlz range!

Disclosure: I was sent my Moxie Girlz FantaSea Hair Doll for the purpose of this review but that does not affect my opinions or thoughts about it. They are 100% honest and my own.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

We're Loving The New Disney Princess Palace Pets #Review

We're Loving The New Disney Princess Palace Pets

Character Options have brought out a new range of Disney Princess Palace Pets. Little girls everywhere can now collect all the pet friends belonging to their most loved Disney Princess.

These lovable pets are aimed at girls aged 3 - 6 years which is just perfect for my Lily who's 6. She's a huge Disney Princess fan which is why her family nickname is 'Tinkerbell'. She was so excited when she came home from school last week and saw all these, she practically lit up.

We received a gorgeous Disney Princess Palace Pet Pamper & Beauty Salon Set, a Furry Tail Friend, a Primp and Pamper Pony and a Talking & Singing Pet. I had one very happy but spoilt little girl, she's got one of the nest jobs in the world - Pro Toy Tester.

Meet the adorable Disney Princesses furry tail friends and get them ready for the Royal Ball. This set includes Treasure (Ariel's Kitty).

They cost £5.99 and are aimed at children aged 4 and over.

They're simply adorable!

These dazzling figures come to life as they say and sing several phrases with the press of their necklace; you're sure to become royal best friends. This set includes Treasure.

These cost £12.99 and are also aimed at children aged 4 and over. 

They're so lovely and their sweet singing voices are just delightful.

Prepare you Disney Princess Palace Pets ready for their royal debut with the Pamper and Beauty Salon Play set. It's so pretty in pink and purple and there's lots for your pet to do.

Lily has had so much fun playing with these this week, they're really brought out her caring side as she brushed and cared for her new pets. The beauty salon is every little girls dream toy, it's so girly and cute. I kind of wished I'd had toys like these when I was little.

Lily is delighted with ALL her new Disney Princess Palace Pets, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of these as her birthday is coming up in April and she's already put in a request for more.

Lily and I scored the new Disney Princess Palace Pets a well deserved 4/5.

Disclosure: We were sent a selection of Disney Princess Palace Pets for the purpose of this review but that does not influence our review. Our opinions are 100% honest and our own!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

#Win a Cadbury Treasure Box

Win a Cadbury Treasure Box

Seeing as it's my birthday in a few weeks and Valentine's Day is on it's way I thought I'd run a little giveaway for you all to win a selection of yummy treats. It won't arrive on time for Valentine's Day I'm afraid but I'm sure these treats are made to be enjoyed any day!

The Cadbury Treasure box contains a wide range of popular chocolate bars for your very own all year round selection box! We don't need a reason to eat chocolate now do we?

If you would like to win this box of chocolates all you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter Form below. One lucky winner will be drawn at random, Open to the UK only I'm afraid.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is being paid for and run by myself. It is NOT sponsored in any way.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Woolly and Tig Books #Review

New Woolly and Tig Books.

Join Tig and her cuddly toy spider Woolly, as they explore the feelings that children have when faced with new experiences. Taken from the smash hit Cbeebies show 'Woolly and Tig'.

Each book is written and designed to encourage children to talk about new experiences. These picture books use the 'My first picture book' format and are printed on toddler-tough card with safe rounded corners for a long lasting read. 

I Love Mummy and Mummy loves me, we've been together since I was wee! Join Woolly as he shows Tig all the wonderful things that Mummy does every day to make them both feel safe and happy. But sometimes even Mummy needs help if she's busy or feeling worried. Luckily Woolly can show Tig all the things they can do to help Mummy and make her smile!

Woolly at Nursery , Woolly and Tig love going to nursery - there's so many fun things to do. But when another little boy accidentally bumps into Tig, her tummy feels funny and she wants to go home. Can Woolly show Tig that if she shares her worries with her teacher, her funny tummy will go away?

My Wipe-Clean Activity Book, have hours of fun with Tig and  her cuddly toy spider Woolly, in this jam packed wipe-clean activity book based on the smash hit Cbeebies show. Use the special pen to join in the fun with Woolly and Tig. It's packed with puzzles, activities and drawing fun plus with the brilliant wipe-clean pages you can play again and again.

Out and About Sticker Book, Woolly and Tig love their special days out. From a visit to the zoo, a day at the fair, a boat ride or even a trip on a steam train you can use your stickers to join in the fun. Packed with over 100 stickers, plus activities, drawing and colouring fun.

We're big fans of Woolly and Tig and really enjoy reading their books. These new activity books are going to go down a storm in my house, I can see the hours of quiet already.

These books are brought to us by the Random House Children's Publishers UK.

Disclosure: I was sent some Woolly and Tig books for the purpose of this post.