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My Family

Monday, 27 January 2014

Fairy Non-Bio and The Power of Soft!

Fairy Non-Bio and The Power of Soft!

What a lovely poem, so lovely in fact that I just had to share it with you. This beautiful poem perfectly summarises the research behind Fairy's new campaign, and communicates the insight that, simply, there is nothing better than a cuddle with your newborn baby.

Fairy Non Bio is incredibly proud to have seen millions of mums through every step of their journey with their newborn, helping them enjoy every perfect cuddle by leaving baby’s clothes super soft. They carried out a survey to support their campaign and to summarise it for you, it's all about the importance of removing the pressures, the expectation, the rush, and simply enjoying time spent with your new baby. My three may be growing-up quickly, but it's this power of softness, which unlocks memories of the perfect cuddle before time takes it away.

Many mums start out with Fairy Non Bio to provide great softness next to baby’s skin. But once you're a mum, you never stop caring! That’s why many mums choose to stay with Fairy Non Bio. Fairy Non Bio gives you amazingly clean clothes, soft towels and bedding, all with that gentle feeling of softness next to precious skin.

Fabric Softener: Adding even greater softness to your wash, just one capful of Fairy Fabric Softener keeps the little ones, and no-longer-so-little ones, safe and snug. Whether it’s for softer towels at bathtime, cosier covers for bedtime, or more comforting clothes when they are out and about, Fairy helps you care for your family.

Gel: Everyone loves the convenience of Fairy Non Bio Gel. It packs all that huggable softness into one little bottle, complete with its own dosing cap. Pop a precise little squeeze of gel into the cap, then add that direct to your wash. You’ll soon be marvelling at the wonderful softness and sparkling cleanliness of every load.

Key outtakes from our survey of 1500 mums, as carried out by Mumsnet:

  • Almost 60% spent at least a quarter of their entire day cuddling their newborn.74% of new parents most savoured “cuddle time” over any other moment in the day.
  • 15% of parents with a baby aged 0-6 months  found only an hour or less a day between chores and other pressures to enjoy cuddle time.
  • The number one piece of advice from more experienced parents to new mothers was to “forget the little things because time flies and you can’t get it back”.
  • 70% of parents with babies 9 months+ said that the one thing they would have done differently as a new parent was spending more time cuddling their baby.
The research, carried out by Fairy Non Bio and Mumsnet, surveyed over 1500 parents to look at those early few months spent with their newborn. It found that as new parents, it’s those fleeting newborn cuddles that are the most treasured of experiences, which all too soon become their most cherished memory. Being a mum of 3, I know myself how fast they grow and how important it is to treasure them first few months. Newborn cuddles are just the best feeling in the world so make the most of them, life will still go on even if the house gets messy or the washing isn't all done. Chores can wait sometimes, babies won't stay babies for long.

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