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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

At What Age Did Your Children Learn To The Time?

At What Age Did Your Children Learn To Tell The Time?

Lily is now 6 years old and still learning to tell the time, she can tell me what hour it is like 6 O'Clock and so on but she's still struggling to get to grips with the rest of it. At what age did your children learn to tell the time? Chloe is 11 now but I can't remember at what point she actually mastered the art of time telling, does that make me a bad mother? I guess we just have so many milestones in our house happening all the time that sometimes I miss even important things like this. Lily is at the top of her class at school so I'm not worried too much, surely she must be at the same stage as all the other children but I do want to help her learn.

I've been looking at clocks and watches a lot lately, trying to decide which kind would be best for her. I really like the look of the ones that have extra help on them. I've seen some that have the quarter past, half past and quarter too marked on them to help new time tellers to learn that bit easier. My girls have a similar style clock on their bedroom wall, it's a great idea and really works. Lily's learning a little more every day, I'm sure she'll get there in no time.

The pretty Tickers children's watches are just perfect for my Lily. They don't cost a lot of money yet they look great and come in a choice of two colours. They have the extra ring around the edge with the added 5, 10, 1/4 and so on which is great for young children who are still learning to tell the time.

 I bought one of these for Lily this Christmas and loved it, it's really been helping Lily a lot. She's not suddenly become a master of time telling over night but she has slowly been improving which I am very happy about. The Watch Hut have lots of watches just like these and many more too. I chose this adjustable velcro strap for now as Lily is only 6 and has the tiniest of wrists but I will be looking at getting her one of the gel type straps as she grows bigger. Hopefully by then she won't need the extra help and will be able to have a big girls watch. 

Should I be worried that Lily hasn't quite mastered it yet or should I just relax and let her learn it all in her own time? Lily's a bright girl so I'm sure she'll figure it out eventually. I do stress and over think some things sometimes I guess but that's just what us mums do.

This is a sponsored written by myself, the opinions expressed are my own.

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