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My Family

Monday, 23 December 2013

Happy 11th Birthday Chloe

Happy 11th Birthday Chloe

Who'd have thought it, a whole 11 years has passed since my first child was born. Chloe, my eldest daughter has grown into a truly beautiful young woman and I really couldn't be any prouder of her. Having a birthday two days before Christmas is never easy but she never moans. I try my best every year to make the day all about her, Christmas can get put on hold for just one day! We got to enjoy a nice family day yesterday to kick of the Birthday Eve celebrations, we went to the cinema to watch the new Disney movie Frozen which she loved and then headed on out for dinner at a local restaurant which is always a welcomed treat.

Today we spent the day at my Mum's house enjoying a small but lovely family party. Last minutes preparations meant a quick trip to Iceland as us Mums do. Party packs bought and I was ready to go, even If I did get stuck in the mad Christmas shopping rush.

We had pizzas and burgers and even fish finger sandwiches. Chicken kebabs, mini sausages and cheese - there had to be cheese. We invited the neighbours kids round to join us and enjoyed a lovely afternoon of dancing, games and food. Chloe had a fantastic time, it was nice to see her enjoying herself. She wasn't sure what cake she wanted this year so she had asked for a surprise which is literally what she got. I kind of played it safe though, going for a One Direction one. Every 11 year old girl has got to love them, right?

Chloe might not be much smaller than me but she will always be my little girl no matter how old she gets and I hope she knows that. Watching her blow out her candles, and seeing that smile on her face was just priceless. 

I hope the wish she made brings her every happiness for the year ahead.

Happy Birthday Chloe, Love always Mummy xx


  1. Happy Birthday Chloe. You look absolutely beautiful and I hope you had a wonderful day. Xxxxxx

    1. Aw thank you Lucy, she had a lovely day x Time flies by way to fast doesn't it x