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Monday, 4 November 2013

Is the VTech Innotab 3 on your kids Christmas lists this year?

Is the VTech Innotab 3 on your kids 
Christmas lists this year?

We've been busy writing our letters to Santa here this weekend, I always ask my three to tell Santa what they would like and then he might bring them something nice from their list. Santa (by Santa of course I mean me) never brings them everything off their list but he will pick out a few items to ensure they get gifts that they really want. This year the three lists I've been given have quite a few similar toys on them, for example both my son and middle daughter have put the VTech Innotab 3 on their list, same toy just different colour.

I've been having a play with a VTech Innotab 3 myself this week to see what all the fuss is about. The Innotab 3 allows your child to learn and have fun on their very own tablet!  It helps expand your child's minds with age-appropriate games and apps featuring a cool touch colour screen. The durable and kid-safe design is perfect for small hands and allows them to learn on the go, it even has a handy rotating camera to inspire their creative sides.

THe Innotab 3 is a multimedia touchscreen tablet designed for children aged 3 and over.
It has a 2MP 180 degrees rotatable camera on the top which takes pretty clear pictures and records videos too. It features lots of interactive and creative activities including:  e-books, games, useful apps and much more. You can add even more if you want to as there's lots available online to download. It needs 4 x AA batteries to make it work which isn't bad for a tablet - I've seen some that require 6 or 8.

The VTech Innotab 3s available at Argos online here and is on sale at the moment too. It would normally cost around £69.99 which is about the average price now for a children's tablet. I loved the painting and drawing I could do in the Art Studio (there is a handy stylus pen slotted into the back of the Innotab 3 at the top to use for this) and really liked the way you could touch words whilst reading to see their meaning with the story dictionary feature. You can even create your own MP3 playlists and watch your favourite shows. There really is a lot to do on the Innotab 3 and with such a wide range of age suited apps and games it is perfect for all ages.

Whilst my 3 year old will be happy drawing and taking pictures of himself, my daughter would be more into her games and listening to music. The question now is, do I need to get another or could I persuade them to share? I'm thinking, I may have to give in and get a pink one for Lily so that they can have one each. Sharing toys doesn't go down too well with my little ones.

I love that there are so many types of game that get all the senses going, There are Touch Screen Games where you can tap, flick, rub, spin and drag your finger to play the games or use the stylus for even more ways to play. There are Motion Games where you tilt or shake the InnoTab 3 to play games using it's motion-sensing technology. There are also Sound-activated Games where you use the built-in microphone to interact with games and add to the fun!

You can help teach your kids how to get organised with the Calendar, Clock and Notes. You can create Friends Lists where they can keep track of birthdays and contact information. One of my favourite things to do on the Innotab 3 was playing with the Wonder Cam where it lets you take silly pictures of yourself or your friends and then create funny faces and photo frames, fantasy effects and kaleidoscope creations with over 55 fun effects. It's silly but fun!

I love the VTech Innotab3 - It's not badly priced, it has lots of features,games and apps already on it so that you can play straight from the box which is what you want when you open a Christmas present or Gift. It's suitable for all children over 3 as it's all age appropriate and it's very easy to use which is what you need. No one wants a toy they can't play with. I'm so pleased with it that I think I will be buying another one so that both my little ones get to open one on Christmas day this year. Now that it's passed the Mummy Test with flying colours It's been put away safely out of sight until Christmas when Santa will deliver it.

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