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My Family

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

ALDI Winter Warmers + Christmas Gift Ideas #Review

ALDI Winter Warmers + Christmas Gift Ideas 

I plan to stay warm and cosy this winter but doing it on a budget is proving quite a challenge. Or it was until I found ALDI and it's amazing weekly Special Buys

Thursday December 5th ALDI will be launching their very own Special buys Skiing range. This range isn't just for skiers, it's for all those trying to dress well and keep warm this winter. With snow on it's way - we better get stocked up and quick. There will be some super cute snow suits for infants available in both pink and blue. Complete ski outfits for kids of all ages and trendy snow boots for all too. I think are just perfect for the winter months ahead.

There's also lots of great gifts and winter warmers at ALDI's for Christmas this year. They've got everything from food and toys to slippers and cute character socks which are so lovely.

This December you can check out  Aldi’s equivalent of Lelli Kelly shoes for little girls, these are so lovely and will be great for parties in the run up to Xmas! My daughter has always wanted a pair of original Lelli Kelly 's but they're way out of our price range but now she has have the next best thing. They look very similar but cost just a tiny fraction of the price.

So if you're looking for some great Christmas gift ideas, Winter Warmers or cute kids shoes, why not check out what ALDI has to offer. Who knows what bargains you might find!

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