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My Family

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Snuggle Pets Cuddle Up Pets - Blankets that are Puppets #Review

Snuggle Pets  Cuddle Up Pets 
 Blankets that are Puppets

What do you get if you cross a blanket with a puppet? A CuddleUpPet! 

CuddleUpPets (SRP £19.99) are a very special mix of super soft blanket and also a colourful puppet. They make the perfect friends for your kids to snuggle up to when travelling, watching TV or going to bed. There's lots of different pets to choose from but we've been lucky enough to receive a cheeky Purple Monkey, she's absolutely gorgeous.

My Lily (aged 6) is besotted with her new friend. She loves cuddling the super soft blanket, it's so lovely to touch. The blanket has 2 hands and 2 feet and a super cute tail too. The head is a very detailed monkey puppet that the kids can easily pop their hand in to control. 

Lily loves to snuggle under it whilst reading a book or watching TV. She loves hiding behind the sofa putting on puppet shows for the rest of the family. She even takes her new monkey friend to bed with her, it's a really delightful multifunctional toy which I love. Maybe they should start making adult sized ones for us mummies too, I know I'd buy one.

These Snuggle Pets Cuddle Up Pets are fantastic, I must admit that Lily has been after one of these for a while after seeing the advert for them on our TV screens. I think they're going to be on a lot of other children's Christmas lists this year too. My eldest daughter who is 10 now wants one too after seeing Lily's, maybe Santa will bring her one if she is a good girl.

We scored the Cuddle Up Pets a wonderful 5/5. They're gorgeous to look at, their fun to play with and they are super soft to cuddle up to. All of us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries love them!

To find out more information about Snuggle Pets and help with your kids bed time routine head over to for its Snuggle Pets takeover from 11th to 24th November 2013.

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