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My Family

Sunday, 6 October 2013

#ShoeZoneMummy Post - Shoe Zone Girl’s Ascot pink trainers

Shoe Zone 
Girl’s Ascot pink trainers

This month Chloe has been busy testing out her new Shoe Zone Ascot Girls Pink and Grey Sports Lace Up Trainers. These pink and grey sports trainers have cute pink lace up fastenings, a lovely bright turquoise trim and mesh panels along the sides. They look really nice and for the price of just £12.99 they're very attractive to us mummies on a budget.

Chloe who’s 10 really loved her new trainers, she liked the bright colours and the pink went down really well as she’s a real girly girl. She doesn't often wear trainers but she made an exception to try them just for me. The only time Chloe wears trainers normally is in her PE classes at school so I allowed her to take them in and use there. She commented how comfortable they were and how the other girls had liked them too.

I really like the bright colours and the low price and Chloe really liked the comfy fit and cute laces. So overall I think that means they were a hit, huge thumbs up from us both!


  1. Wondering to know if theyre waterproof, say for when its raining? Thanks Gillian

  2. Hi , wondering if these are waterproof, say for when its raining ? Thanks