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My Family

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Zelfs Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon #Review

The Zelfs Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon 

The Zelfs' live in an enchanted little garden full of surprises called Zardenia. They dwell in different fabitats tucked all over the the trees, mounds of rocks and even dark corners. They attend Zardenias School of Rock Garden and swap conversations at Witchbrew Bistro. Love your Zelf and they'll share their special powers with you. Each Zelf is totally unique and has a special power that only shines when they are loved.

Fancy yourzelf a curl or a crimp? Then the Venus Flytrap Spin Salon from Character is the place to be! It includes an exclusive "Tressa" medium size Zelf and a range of fun hair accessories! Twirl and swirl your Zelf and give them and yourzelf a really good hair day.

This Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon is aimed at children aged 5 and over as it contains several small parts and costs around £19.99. If you love The Zelfs then you'll love this too.

My girls are huge Zelf fans already so this was a very welcomed addition to their collection. It's very bright and full of things to do with your Zelfs. There's cute clip in hair extensions and pretty butterfly clips. There's a little set of drawers to hide all your bits in and there's a fun spinning chair for your Zelf to sit in. I really like this set as it's nice and compact, it all folds away neatly into a Venus Fly Trap plant pot. It's great for styling your Zelfs hair on the go too as it's small enough to take out with you. My girls love brushing their Zelfs hair and now with this new crazy hair salon they can do so much more than just brush it. They can twist it, twirl it and lots lots more!

The Zelfs Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon is lots of fun and gets a firm thumbs up from all of us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries. We loved it so much that we scored it a fabulous 4/5.

Disclosure: We received a The Zelfs Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon for the purpose of this review.

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