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My Family

Monday, 30 September 2013

My Kids Capture the Colour #KIDSCTC

Kid's Capture the Colour

Kid's Capture the Colour' is an exciting challenge for children aged 15 or under to get creative and photograph the world around them. There are five different coloured categories to enjoy; Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red. I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen 100 bloggers to take part meaning my eldest daughter Chloe received a free digital camera to help her. 

She's never had a camera of her own before so this was all completely new to her. Even though she is 10 years old she had never had really been behind the camera before so please bear this in mind and give her a chance, I'm sure she will get better in time. I didn't have any influence in any of her photographs or subjects, I simply gave her the camera and said go.

Blue Category:

Chloe choose her little brothers favourite toy as the focus of her shot. As you can see from the picture it hadn't been played with in a while and was just lying quite lonely amongst the long grass. It's a simple shot but quite nice I think.

Green Category:

I think this picture was taken outside the new Birmingham Library, I say think as I wasn't there on the day. She had gone to visit it with my Mum and Sister and must have taken her camera with her. This is the first time that I had seen it but I think it's a stunning picture.

Yellow Category:

Yellow is for one of our beautiful sunflowers of course. Even in September they are still shining bright. Chloe really loves her sunflowers as she grew them herself from seeds.

White Category:

White is for clean steam coming out of the funnel on our steam train ride. We had a wonderful ride on a miniature steam train at Birmingham's Kingsbury Water Park, Chloe took this picture whilst we enjoyed our ride, luckily she had the very front seat so got a clear shot.

Red Category:

Red is for the hundreds of red berries that grow on our garden bush. They're a real eye catcher in our garden and the birds seem to love them too.

I'm really proud of my daughter Chloe, for a girl who had never taken any pictures before she did a really great job and I'm happy to display her pictures with a huge smile.

This is my 10 year old Chloe's entry into the's Kids Capture the Colour competition. 


  1. Those photos are brilliant, especially the green, and I think the white is so clever! Well done her!!

    1. Aw thank you, I think the green is my favourite too x