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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Hasbro Toys - FurReal Pets and My Little Pony #Review

Hasbro Toys 

FurReal Pets and My Little Pony

Hasbro Toys has so many wonderful toys, their website is jam packed full of top toy brands. Today I am going to be focusing on just two of their toy ranges; FurReal pets and My Little Pony, both of which my girls already adore. We were lucky enough to be sent an exciting box of toys last week for us to try and test for the purpose of this review.


Meet Sweet Blossom, one of the FurReal Friends Snuggimals Walking Pony Pets. You'll have all the fun of a real pony when you play with this adorable, snuggly Sweet Blossom pony pet. She's a sweet little horse and she really walks like a high-stepping pony when you pet her back. She loves treats and she’ll do tricks for her "carrots." She comes with a pink saddle bag to carry her carrots with her when the two of you go out for an adventure.

Sweet Blossom comes with her pink saddlebag and pretend carrots. She requires 1 “AA” battery but a demo battery does come included. She's designed for children ages 4 and up.

My Lily, aged 6 loves her, Sweet Blossom is cute and fluffy and really walks when you press a hidden button on her back. Her pink saddle can be placed over her back to sit snuggly as she trots along. she did have a rather tasty bunch of carrots in her saddlebag earlier but when I was looking for them later on, my little man told me "She had eaten them" and who am I to argue. I really like this toy, it's super cute and really soft to stroke. Both my girls are huge horse lovers so this FurReal Friends Snuggimals Walking Ponies Sweet Blossom Pet was accepted gratefully. Lily loves her new friend and gives her a happy 3/5 score. 

Next up from the FurReal family we have a Furreal Friends Feed Me Babies Sippy Pup Pet. There’s nothing cuter than a baby animal, and this Sippy Pup pet needs you to cuddle and take care of her! She’s always hungry, and she loves it when you feed her with her bottle. When you press her bottle or your finger to her mouth, she'll kick her feet and bark. You'll children will have so much fun taking care of their sweet little pup, and she’ll always stay puppy-cute! 

This Pet comes with a small blue bottle and pet care guide. She requires 2 AA alkaline batteries but demo batteries are already included. She is made for children aged 4 and up.

Furreal Friends and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

This little puppy is a real delight to play with, she's grey in colour wearing a sweet little pink bib. She's cute and cuddly and loves to drink from her bottle, when you press it down onto her mouth she moves her feet in happiness whilst making gentle barking noises. Lily has been playing with her all week and I must say that although she does make her noises quite a lot, the noises that she makes are not loud or annoying like some toys produce which is definitely a plus point.

Lily seems to really like her, she's been playing with her for short periods of time daily and likes to include her in her 'make believe' games. This is definitely my kind of toy, it keeps the kids happy and interacts with them at play times without being too loud to annoy mummy.

We scored our Furreal Friends Feed Me Babies Sippy Pup Pet a playtastic 4/5.

Moving onto My Little Pony now, first up we had a My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Figure. Rainbow Dash always tries to do her best. She comes with a ribbon and trophy for when she competes in races and games. She is aimed at children aged 3 and up.

We also had a My Little Pony Fluttershy figure. Fluttershy pony friend always tries to take care of others. Her gorgeous pink hair and tail make her a fun, beautiful pal. She comes with a teapot and teacups so she’s always ready for a tea party. She wants to be your very best pal, so giddy up for fun and pony friendship. Again she is designed for children aged 3 and up.

I used to play with My Little Ponies when I was little so I was very excited to see them again. These are very similar to the ones that I used to have but now they have cute wings and super bright hair with added glittered streaks. My girls were loved them straight away, so much so that we've had quite a few arguments over who's got to play with them and when. I love their gorgeous hair, it's so easy to brush and doesn't get knotted easily. My girls have had lots of fun playing with them and doing their hair over and over again. There's so much entertainment value in these little figures. I've even found myself sitting there on an evening once the kids have gone to bed playing with their hair. Platting it and brushing it, it's actually quite soothing and it brings back so many happy memories of when I used to be a girl.

My Little Pony will always be a part of my family, they're timeless and the fun just never gets old or boring. They have amazing play value and really are worth every penny. I had forgotten how much I loved these until last week when they came back into our lives and I'm so glad that they did. We scored our My Little Pony figures a fabulous 5/5, we just cannot fault them.

Hasbro Toys has really made our week. We are looking forward to seeing what other toys they produce and what new toys will be coming out in the near future.

You can check out all these toys for yourself over on their website We were given these toys for free but all our opinions are our own and are never affected by this.

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