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My Family

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Feeling Hungry? Why not Try HungryHouse #Review

Feeling Hungry?? Why not Try Hungry House.
Feeling hungry but don't feel like cooking? Why not try the takeaway food delivery service with hungryhouse. Hungryhouse is the one of the UK`s leading online platforms for takeaway and food delivery. With over 8,000 restaurants on their platform, ordering food delivery from your local takeaway has never been easier. From Birmingham to Glasgow, London to Manchester, hungryhouse has partnered with the finest takeaway restaurants from all over the country to ensure that with a simple postcode search you can order a delicious takeaway in minutes.

I've been trying out the Hungry House website for myself over the past few days to see what all the fuss is about. I love takeaway food, it's one of my biggest weaknesses. Although I like fast food, I still want high quality food that's hot on arrival and tastes great. Using Hungry House is very simple, you just go to HungryHouse.Co.Uk and enter your postcode into the search bar. Within seconds a list of all your local restaurants and takeaways will appear on the screen. You can sort them into any order you want fron 'recommended' to 'nearest' which is great as it gives you that little bit more choice. I  put my list into a 'recommended' order as I was looking to try something from somewhere I had never tried before, I was feeling a bit adventurous.

On Sunday night Daddy and I fancied a curry so we searched for all our Indian restaurants and found one we liked the look of and ordered. Ordering was easy, I just clicked on what I wanted and added them into my order. My order consisted of a Chicken Tikka Masala for Mummy and a Chicken Korma for Daddy. A portion of chips and a Garlic Naan. This order came to a total of £14.60 plus a 50 pence charge if you wish to use a card or voucher code. 

One thing I liked about Hungry House is that you get an email once you place your order and then you get another as soon as the restaurant accepts it. It keeps you up to date on what's happening with your food. We were expecting to wait up to an hour for our food but it came in just over fifteen minutes. The delivery man was friendly and our food was nice and hot. Our meal was delicious, great flavours and lovely colours. I really enjoyed it our meal, it was fab.

On Monday afternoon I was feeling a bit lazy and decided to declare it family pizza night! Again I headed over to HungryHouse.Co.Uk and entered my postcode ready to find a pizza place. This time I sorted my list into a 'nearest' order as we were hungry and figured if it was close then it wouldn't take long to come. I ordered 2 x large pizzas, a portion of potato wedges and a portion of fries. We were given a free bottle of pop for spending over £20 which was an extra added bonus. I couldn't find a pizza that I liked so I chose one that I almost liked and left them a message in the 'notes' box asking for no peppers (I don't like peppers)  I wasn't sure if they would read the notes bit or not but I'm pleased to say that they had and when my pizza arrived it had no peppers on it which was yummy.

I spent a total of £20.87 on this order but I had ordered more than enough food for all 5 of us. The order was delivered in just fifteen minutes and again the delivery driver was nice and friendly. Our food was piping hot and our order was just as we had ordered. The pizza's were yummy and the chips/wedges came in good sized portions. Again we really pleased with the order and the service we had received from HungryHouse.

We were lucky enough to be given some credit to use on HungryHouse so that we could try it out but after doing so I would quite happily use it again using my own money. The site itself is clear and easy to use, the selection of restaurants is quite good and the delivery service can't be faulted. On both occasions our food was hot on arrival and served with a friendly smile. We received great tasting, high quality food and enjoyed every bit of it. We're very happy to give HungryHouse a 4/5 and a huge thumbs up from all of us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries.

So next time you're feeling hungry and don't want too cook, why not check out HungryHouse.Co.Uk and see what they have in your area.


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