My Family

My Family

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Charcoal Challenge From @MoneySupermkt #TheCharcoalChallenge

The MoneySupermarket Charcoal Challenge

Today my family and I took part in the wonderful MoneySupermarket's Charcoal Challenge. We were given a £50 budget to throw the best BBQ that we could. It was a tough challenge but somebody had to accept it, Mummy Of 3 Diaries were more than happy to take part.

Four generations of our family came together today to enjoy a fun filled family bbq. I spent £30 of my budget buying the meat, the buns and the sauces from Asda. I spent £10 on drinks for the adults from Co-Op and I saved £10 to buy the kids a new game to play. With my £50 spent, the date set and everyone invited, all I was hoping for was some nice weather (which I'm happy to say we got). Our bbq was held at Grannies and Grampies house as their garden is bigger plus we'd bought Grampy a new bbq for his birthday last month and he was dying to use it. This was the perfect opportunity for him to do so and for all of us to come together for a good old natter. Oh and to enjoy some delicious home cooked food too, of course.

There was burgers, kebabs and sausages, yum
Burger buns, potato salad and coleslaw in my tum.
Fresh salad, grated cheese, jacket potatoes too
So many sauces, I didn't know which to do.

Pate on bread and snacks galore
So yummy we all wanted more.
Enjoying fresh food is always the best
Eat till your full, no time for a rest.

Dinosaur races and family fun
Games a plenty under the sun.
Cheeky smiles and grown up chats
Made up storied and family facts.

Any reason to get together is always a good one
A day spent together to get things done.
Memories made and for children cared
BBQ's are a made to be shared.

Everyone had a wonderful day, the food was delicious (thank you Grampy for cooking) the desserts were yum (thank you Granny) and the weather was gorgeous and stayed dry (thank you god) but best of all, we all got together and enjoyed each others company and it didn't cost a penny so my biggest Thank You goes to MoneySupermarket who made this day possible.

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