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My Family

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Glitzi Globes Showcase #Review

Glitzi Globes Showcase

Flair have just brought out the cutest, collectable, DIY snow domes around.  The Glitzi Globe Showcase allows kids to create their own adorable globes to pop, swap, share and wear. Girls can create and decorate their own mini snow globes that can become jewellery or pen toppers with a magical twist. These cute and quirky charms encourage collectability. Simply make it, fill it and shake it! Along with the mini domes this kit comes with 1 megadome that includes 3 Carousel Horses. It's suitable for ages 4 and above and retails at £19.99.

The Glitzi Globe Showcase came in handy today as it was raining outside, leaving us stuck indoors. The first thing that I liked about this toy was that it made enough little globes for all of us. This was the basis of our family fun afternoon activity today. We each choose the colour base we wanted, the colourful character we wanted inside and got to work. Everything was really easy to do, making the globes was very simple and they turned out really nice too.

You literally put one part of the globe in the top and the other part in the bottom. You then add the little character of your choice and fill with water. You then push the little pot together and that was it - all done! We took it in turns each making our own little globes which was lots of fun. 

We loved our new globes, each one now has a cute name and a new loving owner. We decided to score the Glitzi Globe Showcase a cute 3/5  - they were lots of fun to make and even better to keep. My girls gave them a firm thumbs up.

We were sent this Glitzi Globe Showcase for the purpose of this review. Our reviews are 100% honest and all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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