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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Glitzi Globes Showcase #Review

Glitzi Globes Showcase

Flair have just brought out the cutest, collectable, DIY snow domes around.  The Glitzi Globe Showcase allows kids to create their own adorable globes to pop, swap, share and wear. Girls can create and decorate their own mini snow globes that can become jewellery or pen toppers with a magical twist. These cute and quirky charms encourage collectability. Simply make it, fill it and shake it! Along with the mini domes this kit comes with 1 megadome that includes 3 Carousel Horses. It's suitable for ages 4 and above and retails at £19.99.

The Glitzi Globe Showcase came in handy today as it was raining outside, leaving us stuck indoors. The first thing that I liked about this toy was that it made enough little globes for all of us. This was the basis of our family fun afternoon activity today. We each choose the colour base we wanted, the colourful character we wanted inside and got to work. Everything was really easy to do, making the globes was very simple and they turned out really nice too.

You literally put one part of the globe in the top and the other part in the bottom. You then add the little character of your choice and fill with water. You then push the little pot together and that was it - all done! We took it in turns each making our own little globes which was lots of fun. 

We loved our new globes, each one now has a cute name and a new loving owner. We decided to score the Glitzi Globe Showcase a cute 3/5  - they were lots of fun to make and even better to keep. My girls gave them a firm thumbs up.

We were sent this Glitzi Globe Showcase for the purpose of this review. Our reviews are 100% honest and all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

#WIN a Roku : Six Weeks, Six Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained this Summer

Six Weeks, Six Ways to Keep the 
Kids Entertained this Summer.

With the school summer holidays finally here, are you wondering how to keep the kids entertained for six weeks and what the impact on your bank balance is going to be?

 There are many places to start when thinking of ways to minimise school holiday stress and ensure the holidays are as enjoyable for you as they are for the kids. For free and cost-effective activities local councils are great place to look. Use your local authority’s website, notice boards or listings and social media platforms, such as Twitter, to find local events and activities planned for the holidays.  

Despite the sunny start to the summer, there will be times when you will have to take your plans ‘in-house’ and this is where having boxes of tricks to hand is useful. Craft boxes, dressing up boxes and even a smart TV box can minimise the risks of wall art and “I’m bored” chanting. 

Roku is a tiny streaming player designed to play on-demand and online content instantly to your TV without the need for a PC. The box adds the functionality of a Smart TV to any “dumb” TV and offers music and games in addition to films and TV content. As well as being able to access Netflix (with great children’s movies and TV programmes), BBC iPlayer, Sky’s Now TV (including Sky Sports) and Spotify, there are over 300 channels to choose from. You can sometimes get a free month’s trial of paid for subscriptions from services such as Netflix, so it is worth looking out for new subscriber offers. There are two models currently available, the Roku LT and the Roku 2 XS, which has a motion-controlling remote -- similar to the controller that you get on a Wii – for playing games.  

Below you'll find six categories of family-friendly content from Roku – enough to keep you in ideas for at least one rainy day a week:  

1. On-demand entertainment – don’t panic when there is nothing on TV to watch, with Roku’s library of streaming content, the choices – for the kids, you or the whole family -- are endless. The most popular kids’ films currently on Netflix include Cars 2, Up! And Justin Bieber Never say Never. Or watch CBeebies and CBBC shows on-demand including Waybuloo, Charlie and Lola and Project Parent.

2. Music – no more square eyes, listen to your TV instead of watching it. With the ability to stream music, search online radio channels and playback on-demand radio shows, you can choose what you have on in the background while being more creative with the kids and picking Play Doh out of the carpets. Check out the ‘Absolute Kidz’ playlist or stream the Kids Dance Party album through Spotify today.

3. Games – an obvious favourite for children. You don't need to splash out on a costly game console and video games that may not be appropriate for younger children. With the Roku 2 XS kids can play casual games like Angry Birds on the TV using the gaming remote -- so you can have your smartphone back. 

4. Cooking – with plenty of cooking channels from baking to vegan, you can cook along with the kids step-by-step and with both of you following the recipe on TV it helps to hold their concentration. iFood.TV have a dedicated Kids Recipe channel with hundreds of ideas ready for you to try, or catch the whole series on ‘I can Cook’ kids TV show on BBC iPlayer for free.

5. Exercise – parents get enough of this spending six weeks running around, but do the kids get enough exercise on those rainy days they spend in front of the TV? With Roku they can literally exercise while watching TV and if you've over-indulged thanks to the cooking channels you could join in too! We recommend ‘’Sing and Dance with Barney and Friends” on Netflix.

6. Education – trying to maintain some level of learning while they aren't in school? Try some ‘edutainment’. From on-demand mainstream kids shows that have embraced this method to more complex language teaching and multilingual channels, education doesn't need to be obsolete during the holidays and you don't need teacher training. Check out the popular ‘Jack and Holly’ channel, launched recently by a Norwich couple who desired more genuine educational material for kids and parents to enjoy.

With all this to go at the summer holidays really should be a breeze, although if all else fails just remember…there are always the grandparents! 

The Roku LT is the lowest cost option from Roku at just £49.99, or if you want extra features including full 1080p HD and enhanced gaming capabilities, the Roku 2 XS costs £99.99. The Roku LT connects to your internet instantly via WiFi so you will need an active broadband connection and a wireless router. The Roku 2 XS has an Ethernet port to connect your player to the internet (in addition to its ability to connect via WiFi) as well as a MicroSD slot and USB Port. 

To WIN your very own Roku head over to 
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#Win a year’s worth of Dr. Beckmann Service-it

Who wants to win a year’s worth of 
Dr. Beckmann Service-it?

Service-it Deep Clean Washing Machine Cleaner removes 99.9% of micro organisms and bacteria, leaving your washing machine hygienically clean and smelling fresh. Use Dr. Beckmann’s specially formulated Deep Clean washing machine cleaner to tackle the dirt you can't see in your machine. Only a ‘Deep Cleaned’ washing machine can promise truly clean clothes. It should be used once every every 2 months or every 30 washes to ensure your machine is as clean as possible and continues to run smoothly and effectively.

Dr. Beckmann Service-it washing machine cleaner cleans, freshens and maintains your machine, cutting out expensive call out charges and repair bills. Dr. Beckmann Service-it works to eliminate detergent residues that form on the drum, pipes and seals of your machine, riding the dirt and grime that create nasty odours. Service-it also eliminates limescale on your machine’s element to improve efficiency and protect your washing machine against breakdown. It should be used once every 2 months or every 30 washes to ensure your machine is  clean and continues to run smoothly and effectively.

Dr Beckman has another amazing competition running from today over on their FACEBOOK page where you can win  £100 in Curry’s vouchers. Get yourself on over there and enter.

Here's how you can win mine:

The prize is of a year’s worth of Dr. Beckmann Service it and Service-it Deep Clean ( 6 x Service-it and 6 x Service-it Deep Clean)  They recommend people use them either alternately every 2 months or one after the other in the same month and do that every other month. 

Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter:
 (It may be slow loading so please wait a few seconds)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Brighten Up Your Day In A Lite Brix Radiant Runway Kind Of Way

 Lite Brix 
Radiant Runway

The Lite Brix Girls are a group of young, smart, and creative girls who are hoping to run the world someday soon. You can join them and create a fashion show of lights! Harper, the fashion stylist of the group always makes sure that her friends look their best. The girls are practicing backstage in the dressing room and preparing for their big moment in the spotlight! They can walk through the archway and LiteUp the radiant runway as they parade up and down in front of the cameras! Lite Brix is the Super Building System where you can build light up environments and vehicles using Lite Brix, connectors, special shaped parts and brick blocks. Build a World of Light or add bricks from other building sets (sold separately), which attach to all Lite Brix. This set includes 1 Harper mini-doll figure, lots of accessories, a battery pack and a very well illustrated instruction manual.

When I opened the box I must admit my heart sank a little. Just looking at the boxes contents was a bit overwhelming for me, a mother who avoids toys with small parts like the plague. I took a picture of them all before I started so that you could see what I mean:

My 10 year old daughter and I sat down at the table armed with this pile of pieces and the instruction  manual ready to take on the challenge. We followed the pictured instructions step by step only taking out the pieces as and when we needed them to insure we didn't lose any. Luckily the instruction manual was really easy to follow and we actually started to enjoy ourselves once we had relaxed a bit. Brick by brick, piece by piece, our runway was starting to take shape. We spend about 45 minutes creating our masterpiece as it was quite fiddly at times. I'm not sure if Chloe could have done it all by herself but I guess we had fun doing it together. It's aimed at children between 6 and 12, Chloe is 10 and found it quite difficult so parent help might be needed with this one. Once we had finished we were really pleased, we did it and it looked great. We were both very excited to swith on the lights, we couldn't wait too see it all light up. The lights are fabulous, they're bright and colourful and flash up in all different patterns. All that was needed was some music and some good old fashioned children's imagination and our fashion show was ready to begin. 

The Above is shows the runway with it's lights off. 
The Below picture shows the runway with it's lights on.

The Lite Brix Lite Up Runway costs around £29.99. It's a bit of a challenge to put together but so worth it when it's done. The lights are amazing and the cute runway is just lovely. 
Lite Brix are available in lots of different playsets for both Boys and Girls. We've got the delicious looking Lite Brix Lite Up Candy Shop to get started on next. It's a slightly bigger playset which costs £39.99, we can't wait to get started on it.

Mummy Of 3 Diaries received both of the Lite Brix playsets for the purpose of this review but our reviews are still 100% honest. All the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Charcoal Challenge From @MoneySupermkt #TheCharcoalChallenge

The MoneySupermarket Charcoal Challenge

Today my family and I took part in the wonderful MoneySupermarket's Charcoal Challenge. We were given a £50 budget to throw the best BBQ that we could. It was a tough challenge but somebody had to accept it, Mummy Of 3 Diaries were more than happy to take part.

Four generations of our family came together today to enjoy a fun filled family bbq. I spent £30 of my budget buying the meat, the buns and the sauces from Asda. I spent £10 on drinks for the adults from Co-Op and I saved £10 to buy the kids a new game to play. With my £50 spent, the date set and everyone invited, all I was hoping for was some nice weather (which I'm happy to say we got). Our bbq was held at Grannies and Grampies house as their garden is bigger plus we'd bought Grampy a new bbq for his birthday last month and he was dying to use it. This was the perfect opportunity for him to do so and for all of us to come together for a good old natter. Oh and to enjoy some delicious home cooked food too, of course.

There was burgers, kebabs and sausages, yum
Burger buns, potato salad and coleslaw in my tum.
Fresh salad, grated cheese, jacket potatoes too
So many sauces, I didn't know which to do.

Pate on bread and snacks galore
So yummy we all wanted more.
Enjoying fresh food is always the best
Eat till your full, no time for a rest.

Dinosaur races and family fun
Games a plenty under the sun.
Cheeky smiles and grown up chats
Made up storied and family facts.

Any reason to get together is always a good one
A day spent together to get things done.
Memories made and for children cared
BBQ's are a made to be shared.

Everyone had a wonderful day, the food was delicious (thank you Grampy for cooking) the desserts were yum (thank you Granny) and the weather was gorgeous and stayed dry (thank you god) but best of all, we all got together and enjoyed each others company and it didn't cost a penny so my biggest Thank You goes to MoneySupermarket who made this day possible.


Silent Sunday

Friday, 26 July 2013

Bubble Buster Kazoo Game #Review and #Competition

Bubble Buster Kazoo Game From
Review and Competition

A perfect Summer ‘run-around’ game - The new two-player Bubble Buster Kazoo Game (rrp £9.99, for ages 4+) from Drumond Park brings the magic of bubble-bursting to a thrilling new level! Its clever kazoo bubble blower and a ‘pinging’ electronic wand which counts how many bubbles the children have burst, will have little ones jumping for joy amid squeals of excitement and laughter! 

It's so easy to play. Player 1 takes the kazoo bubble blower and dips it in the bubble solution, creating wonderful streams of beautiful bubbles – complete with cool sound accompaniments.  Player 2, meanwhile, dashes around bursting as many bubbles as he or she can, in a 30-second time slot. The wand emits a thrilling ‘ping’ with every bubble burst, rising in pitch (in tune with the excitement!) as more and more bubbles are recorded! 

Then it’s time for the children to swap over roles.  The oh-so-clever magic wand keeps track of both scores – and announces the winner at the very end of the game.   At under £10, this game is amazingly good value for money.  Easily tucked into the family carry-bag, or taken on play-dates, picnics or to the beach, it’s guaranteed to keep little ones happily occupied and exercising – for ages and ages! For stockists visit 

Our Review: We were sent our very own Bubble Buster Kazoo Game last week to have a play with. It's a very simple game that's so easy to play and quick to get started. My three love bubbles but there's so many complicated bubble blowers out there now that it kind of spoils the fun. With the Bubble Buster Kazoo Game it's so easy to make lots of bubbles that it puts the fun back into it. Bubbles are meant to be caught and popped and with the new Ping it wand it makes doing it even more fun. My three loved this game, it's provided hours of bubbly fun already and I'm sure it will continue to do so for the whole summer!

The Competition: Here's how you can win your own Bubble Buster Kazoo Game.

Simply use the RaffleCopter Form below to enter. Open to the UK only and One lucky winner will be drawn at random on Sunday August 18th. Good Luck x

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Inspiring Play Products From Plum

Let Their Dreams Come True This Christmas
With The Inspiring Play Products From Plum

Unwrap their imaginations this Christmas with the stunning cleverly crafted wooden role play range from Plum. The active play specialists have created a truly inspiring range of products for children aged 3 years upwards, including dolls houses, kitchens and wooden play sets, all with unique features, intricate detailing and made from sustainably sourced timber. Careful attention has been paid to each and every item in the Plum indoor range to ensure the highest play value for little ones and all products are supplied with wooden accessories. Not only will a gift from Plum be a present to behold on Christmas Day it will also entertain children for years to come. The range starts from £39.99 and can be purchased from

The Christmas Collection Includes…

 Plum Train and Track Activity Table - £249.99 

This Activity Table promises to be a roaring success with those who want to be in the fast lane, thanks to its railway and car track designs. A main attraction in any home, this wonderfully designed wooden table allows children to build and shape their own play scenes, using fun bits of track and wooden accessories. What’s more, when playtime is over, you can quickly and easily pop all the play pieces in the two handy drawers within the table. Age suitability 3 years +

Plum Hendon Wooden Kitchen - £129.99

Little chefs will love cooking up a storm with this bright and colourful wooden play kitchen. Packed with features including an oven with door that opens and closes, printed hobs and knobs on the oven that click and turn, storage shelves and a shelf overhead to hang utensils 
from and serve through. Age suitability: 3 years +

Plum Boston Wooden Kitchen - £149.99

If you like modern and sleek designs, this kitchen is the perfect miniature for your child. A contemporary kitchen with its black, white and silver design, it is a favourite amongst the style savvy. Offering 360 degree play, it features a sink, oven, shelves and a striking kitchen hood. Age suitability: 3 years +

Plum Hove Wooden Dolls House -   £39.99

 A beautifully decorated house that can be opened and closed in seconds is perfect for those wanting to create their own little abode. This three storey house has a kitchen, bedroom and 
  playroom scene with furniture pieces which work in any of the rooms. This colourful house promises to excite and delight! Age suitability: 3 years +

 Plum Ingham Fire Station Wooden Play Set -   £119.99  

  For the hero in every child, the Fire Station is full of adventure with its different scenes and spaces. From a burning building on the back, to a fireman’s pole inside and a helipad on the top of the building, this promises hours of fun. It comes with all the figurines and accessories a hero needs. Age suitability: 3 years +

Plum Lumberjack Wooden Workbench - £79.99

For budding DIY enthusiasts, this is the Workbench for them. Featuring a saw, spanner and clamp, plus many more tools a handyman needs, they can all be drilled, hammered and 
clamped in to this table. Each item is brightly coloured and perfect for helping hand-eye co-ordination. Age suitability: 3 years +

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

#WIN Jungle Party Supplies For 8 From @AYNTParty

WIN Jungle Party Supplies For 8 From 
All You Need To Party

All You Need to Party are giving away to one lucky winner, all you need for a kids jungle themed party! This spectacular prize includes

 8 x plates
8 x cups
16 x napkins
8 x loot bags
1 x foil balloon
1 x table cover
8 x party hats
1 x table decoration
8 x latex balloons
1 x foil birthday banner
8 x invitations
1 x party game
‘Happy Birthday’ blue glitz pick candles
A gift for the birthday boy or girl

To Enter - Simply pop over to my Facebook Page and enter using the new GIVEAWAY TAB  at the top of the page or by clicking on the link which will take you straight there.

Terms:  Expires August 23rd 2013 and UK entrants only

Monday, 22 July 2013

Aldi launches the UK’s cheapest supermarket school uniform

Aldi launches the UK’s cheapest 
supermarket school uniform 

 Aldi is taking the sting out of Back to School by unveiling its one-price-fits-all school uniform, offering cash conscious parents an unbeatable bargain ahead of the holidays - the UK’s lowest priced supermarket school uniform.  Top of the class for quality and price, Aldi is ensuring parents are quids in after the school shop by offering them the cheapest supermarket school uniform in the country. Parents can pick up two polo shirts, one round neck sweater and a skirt or trousers all for £4, along with a whole host of Back to School essentials, in stores nationwide from 25th July 2013 and available while stocks last. 

Rigorously tested to ensure its whites stay white, hems don’t drop and knees don't tear. Aldi’s Special Buy school uniform range carries a flat price across all sizes (4-11 years), so parents can enjoy unbeatable value underpinned by excellent quality – for a fraction of the usual price tag. Check out the full list of what's available below:

Boys Padded Jacket £9.99
Boys Trousers £1.50
Girls Padded Jacket £9.99
Girls Pinafore £2.99
Girls Pleated Skirt £1.50
Girls Trousers £1.50
Boys Ankle Socks 5s £1.49
Boys Briefs 5s/Boys Boxers 3s £1.69
Boys Knitted V Neck Jumper £1.99
Boys Plain Polo £1.25
Boys SS Shirt £1.99
Boys Vests 3s £1.99
Boys/Girls PE Shorts 2s / Skirt 1s £3.99
Boys/Girls Round Neck Sweater £1.25
Boys/Girls Round Neck T-Shirt 2s £1.99
Children’s Plimsolls £1.49
Girls Ankle Socks 5s £1.49
Girls Ballet Kit £9.99
Girls Briefs 5s £1.69
Girls Knee High Socks 5s £3.99
Girls Knitted Cardigan £2.99
Girls Plain Polo £1.25
Girls Scuff Resistant Shoes £6.99
Girls SS Shirt £1.99
Girls Tights 3s £4.99
Girls Vests 3s £1.99

Check out Aldi's Special Buys on Thursday July 26th to grab some of these bargains but be quick as stocks will sell out fast.

Disclosure: We were sent some back to school samples for sharing this post. 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

#SilentSunday 21/07/2013

Silent Sunday

Summer fun for everyone at Westfield Merry Hill

Summer fun for everyone at 

This Summer Westfield Merry Hill is pulling out all the stops to keep the kids entertained this summer, with family activities planned for every week of the summer holidays.

Kicking off the summer will be the hugely popular Spongebob Squarepants, who is leaving his pineapple under the sea to visit the centre on Thursday 25 July. Your kids will be able to meet him and have their photo's taken with the star who will be based outside Debenhams at Quest.

Jugglers from Warwick Castle will be in the centre to entertain kids whilst taking a step back in history on Tuesday 30 July and Wednesday 7 August. They will be performing some fantastic tricks outside Eat Central and handing out 'Kids Go Free' vouchers.

Children's television stars Andy and Sid will be entertaining the little ones in their Big Party live shows with their rapping, comedy and dancing skills on Saturday 3 August at intervals throughout the day. Tickets for this event cost just £1 and are on sale from the concierge, all proceeds will be going to the centre's charity, Help Harry Help Others.

On Thursday 8 August, youngsters and their parents are all invited to attend the centre's free outdoor roller disco on the main car park. Tickets cost £1 and are also on sale from the concierge, with all proceeds again going to Help Harry Help Others.

The following week, the centre welcomes the CBeebies' Octonauts who will be staging their own live stage show at Central Plaza in a Midlands exclusive. The free show will be taking place on Thursday 15 August at regular intervals throughout the day.

Friday 16 August will see Merry Hill host  planes crafty workshop to celebrate the release of Disney's latest movie, Planes. The workshop will be taking place at Central Plaza where kids will be able to get crafty and design their own 3D plane as well as getting the chance to win family tickets to see the new movie.

Dora the Explora will be in the centre on Tuesday 20 August for a meet and greet with her young fans. The CBeebies favourite will be outside Debenhams near Quest.

The centre will finally be hosting a Kids in the Kitchen cupcake workshop on Friday 30 August between 10am and 4pm. Kids will have the opportunity to make and decorate their own yummy cupcakes to take home for the whole family to enjoy.

Westfield Merry Hill is hosting an fun filled summer for all the family. You can check out all the News and Events online so you don't miss out on a show you'd like.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

I want to be a #AOSuperhero

I want to be a #AOSuperhero.

My eldest daughter Chloe would like to be Catwoman, she wants to possess Catwoman's powers and abilities like her cool acrobatics so she could leap like a cat. She's also really good at doing martial arts. She'd be able to keep her brother and sister under control.

Catwoman has a cool costume and the right powers to live a pretty cool life. Chloe loves cats so Catwoman is her favourite Superhero.  She looks pretty Purrrfect to me!

This is our entry into the Appliance Online Superhero Blogger Competition, in which you can win a Samsung Fridge Freezer. My fridge freezer is way too small (the freezer part) and I'm struggling to keep up with refilling it. I can't buy lots of ice lollies like I want as there's simply no room *sighs* I would love a 50/50 fridge freezer to make my life so much easier.

If you would like to enter the blogger competition the details are below:

1. Blog a photo of a Superhero pose (adults or children)
2. Link to the Samsung page ( in a blog post or by a picture, whichever is easiest.

3. Tweet a link to your blog post to @apponline and include the hashtag #AOSuperhero.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Play Time With Maxville Wooden Building Blocks

Maxville Wooden Building Blocks

We've been having lots of fun this week with some gorgeous Maxville Wooden Building Blocks from Find Me A Gift. The Maxville Wooden Building Blocks Set make a great gift for children aged 10 months and above. Ryan is now three and has been having great fun building with these. This set contains 30 colourful wooden blocks which are all different shapes and sizes. They are covered in bold patterns, with some featuring faces, legs and arms too! 

The fun shaped blocks and bright colours will visually stimulate and encourage young minds to construct and create their own buildings and characters. They can stack them up (and knock them down!), learn all about different shapes, and angles, how to piece them together to create a structure (even if it’s just a simple tower), all of which aids hand and eye coordination.
This terrific Wooden Blocks Set is both engaging and educational and would make a wonderful learning toy for little boys and girls.

 They're a really lovely set of bricks, they take building to a whole new level. 

The bricks are nice and chunky, perfect for little hands. The bright colors and patterns make them very attractive and really grab your attention. They blocks are solid and made really well, they should last a long time. There's hours of fun to be had with these and because they're made so well, they're perfect for playing with inside or out.

This set of Maxville Wooden Building Blocks costs £29.99 but for the quality you get I think they're worth every penny. They were meant to be for Ryan to play with but all three of my children have had fun playing with these. They're a great way to make learning fun, everyone loves to build. I'm very pleased to give these a lovely 4/5, we all adore them.