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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Shoe Zone Mummy Review #1 Girl's floral canvas pumps

Shoe Zone Mummy Review #1 
Girl's floral canvas pumps

Two weeks ago Shoe Zone sent us our very first pair of Shoe Zone shoes to review as we are now very proud to be a part of Shoe Zone's very own Shoe Zone Mummy programme. Our first pair was for my eldest daughter Chloe who's now 10 and very fussy when it comes to fashion. First impressions were good; she liked the look of her new Lilley Girls Floral Canvas Lace Up Pumps and was quite excited to try them out.

They are very cute and girly white pumps with a multi coloured floral pattern. Clean white laces and a pretty Pink Trim. Chloe loves pink but not too much pink so these were just the perfect choice for her, she was really pleased. They have a nice thick white rubber sole which gives them good grip and helps cushion under her feet.

For such a pretty pair of pumps we were amazed at the price, they only cost £4.99. What a bargain! I usually worry about Chloe wearing out her shoes too fast and make her rotate which ones she wears to make them last but not anymore. Chloe hasn't taken these off since they arrived. For this super low price it doesn't matter if she wears them out, which doesn't look like will happen anytime soon as we can always buy another pair.

Both Chloe and I am really pleased with the Lilley Girls Floral Canvas Lace Up Pumps, they're so cute and comfortable without costing a lot of money. 

They get a fab 4/5 from us and big thumbs up.


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    1. they are lovely and for that price I don't mind here wearing them out :) x