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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Share the Sparkle this Summer with Traditional Flavours of New Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch

Share the Sparkle this Summer with 
Traditional Flavours of New Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch 

The makers of sparkling juice drink, Shloer, have been inspired by traditional ingredients when creating the new sparkling Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch limited edition, perfect to share with family and friends this summer. This distinctive new flavour cleverly blends two classic ingredients to create a delightfully unique and refreshing grape based juice drink with flavours of raspberry and tangy rhubarb. 

It’s all in the serve: Whether you're cooking a meal for friends and family or simply relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon, Shloer’s mouth-watering new Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch is the perfect accompaniment.  Shloer is ideal to serve with traditional Sunday roasts, a sparkling addition to your bank holiday BBQ’s and a sophisticated non-alcoholic treat to serve to Mums-to-be at baby showers, weddings and other special occasions.  Shloer Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch is best served in a punch bowl or jug, with lots of ice and a handful of fresh juicy raspberries or other seasonal fruits.

The sparkling alcohol alternative
Shloer uses only the finest ingredients to create a delicious range of non-alcoholic sparkling juice drinks. All varieties make a tasty grape-based alternative to alcohol, suitable for all the family - including those who want to enjoy a celebration without drinking alcohol. Shloer contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings and is available from all major supermarkets. 

After trying this for myself this week, I can now happily say that this new Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch is my favourite flavour ever! It's truly delightful, it's full of delicious fruity flavours with a perfect balance for just the right taste. I'm a huge fan of Shloer anyway but even more so now. I will be heading out to the shops tomorrow morning to get myself a few more bottles as you can see this one didn't last a day in my house. It's really nice and very moreish. 

Summer Sunday’s On-pack Competition: Starting May 1st through the summer, Shloer is giving customers a 1 in 10 chance to win one of 200,000 prizes, ranging from BBQs and food hampers to cupcakes and Shloer with their Summer Sunday’s on-pack promotion.  To enter, pick up a promotional Summer Sunday’s bottle of Shloer from your local supermarket and find the unique code under the neck label.  Enter your unique code via and find out if you could be one of many lucky winners this summer.  ( good luck )

Shloer is available in seven refreshing flavours including White Grape; Red Grape; Rosé; Apple & White Grape; White Grape Raspberry & Cranberry; White Grape & Elderflower; and now NEW Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch limited edition. 

I'd definitely recommend the Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch but please don't drink it all, leave some for me. I might even share the next bottle. if they're really good. 

It's that nice, you won't want to share!

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