My Family

My Family

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Same Old, Same Old ...

Do you ever have those days?

Do you ever have those days where you wake up feeling numb
You sit there thinking it over before you move your bum.
Swirls of chaos in your mind, dreds of what's ahead
Close to giving up and staying in your bed?

Same old, same old, doing the same few things.
Boring routines, deadlines set. Nothing new to sing.
School runs and morning stresses, rushing down the road
Kisses and hugs, waving goodbye to your load.

Shopping, cleaning, washing up. Tidy, tidy, more
Do you ever wonder, what we do all this for?
Apart from the obvious, we do it without a choice
We do it because it needs doing, we do it without a voice.

Well not any more, I'm standing up and shouting
I will still do my chores but I want to be accounted.
A little bit of thanks, a bit of recognition
Could help rekindle my ambition.

Yes I am a mum but boy do I miss being ME
It doesn't mean I don't love my life, yes I am happy.
I love my kids, they are my world
But sometimes I do miss just being a girl.

So whilst I'm doing my chores, and running round like mad
I'm gonna stop feeling sorry for myself and start feeling glad.
I have a life worth living, although some parts are bland
One day when they grow up, they may offer a helping hand.

Routines are a way of survival, a path from A to B
Something to keep my active, trodding on merrily.
SO that same old, same old stuff, is what keeps me busy
But I'm gonna slow down a little , I'm getting quite dizzy.

written by me, christine taylor x

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