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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Say Cheers This Fathers Day With The Best Of British Beers

Step Away from the Hankies and Ties and let Dad try a New Beer.
Best of British Beer (BoB) urges desperate offspring to try something new this 
Father’s Day on 16th June. In a little over 8 weeks Father’s Day will be upon us. For most of the UK’s sons and daughters (and wives) this day means a mad scramble around the high street – scanning department stores or garden centres in an ever-increasing state of panic looking for a perfect last-minute gift for dear old Dad. Often in the safe and certain knowledge that, once again, they will end up buying for the sake of it and the gift will join last year’s unwanted gift in a drawer or wardrobe for the next 12 months.

Fathers can often be tricky people to buy for. What should be a day of celebration turns into a hapless guessing game or even a day of dread.  Help is now at hand however, thanks to specialist online retailer, Best of British Beer. BoB has made life a whole lot easier for everyone with its range of fantastic beers, where buyers can mix and match to their heart’s content and create that perfect present.  

Visitors to the B0B website will find a huge choice of hard to find, award-winning beers that are not available in the supermarket.  Hand picked cases start from just £21.99, with a top end case containing 12 x 330ml bottles of some very on trend Black IPA and craft lagers priced at £44.95.
For £21.99 you can get this Six Pack of Beer gift pack. The Best of British Beer gift pack includes 6 x 500ml bottles of quality British beer. 

For £15.00 you can get this 3 Beer Gift Set. Each 3 pack is boxed in a Best of British Beer branded Gift Pack and contains beers from 3 different breweries in the style you have chosen. They will even include a Best of British Beer glass to complete the gift set.

If your Dad is anything like mine, then he would love a Fathers Day gift from The Best Of British Beer site. My Dad was overjoyed last week when he received an early present from them, a wonderful Six Pack Of Beer all for himself. He was given the job of being my beer tester for the day, not that he minded. With the help of my brother as I wouldn't want to encourage my Dad to drink all those beers on his own at once, together they tasted all 6 bottle of beer and sampled their goodness and flavours one by one. I think they had a very enjoyable afternoon and loved their new role. Each bottle was very different, there was a fabulous selection of beers for them to try. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. Here's their 6 bottles:

Each bottle has a good description of the beer it holds inside, where it's from and what it's like. I was very impressed with the labeling and the delivery packaging was very good. Nothing got damaged or broken and all arrived safely and quickly. Both my Dad and my brother really liked the wide variety and good mix of blends and strengths  I think they're both hoping for some more come Fathers Day. I might be nice but it depends how they behave until then. 

Mummy Of 3 Diaries gave the Best Of British Beers a 4/5. Best of British Beer can provide cases of beers you can't buy in the supermarket and even personalise the labels! They sell a good choice of gifts to suit all budgets, so why not pop over and check out their site for yourself.

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  1. Beers are the best options as father's day gifts but I love giving t-shirts with a superman logo.