My Family

My Family

Saturday, 11 May 2013

I've summed up my day with a poem! #BlogSummit @tots100

Birmingham Blog Summit - 11/05/2013

I went to Blog Summit Birmingham today
A place for bloggers to learn and play.
100 bloggers and some speakers too
We spend our lives blogging just through.

Sessions galore with so much choice
From SEO tips to Finding your voice.
Photography classes with Do's and Don'ts
Old and new bloggers, learning the ropes.

Meeting brands and chatting lots
Positive speaking and feeling hot.
Smiles aplenty and convos flowing
Helpful ladies who knew where they're going.

Mummy bloggers and Foodie fun
Travel experts who chase the sun.
Daddy blogs and Animators too
A wonderful mixture of all dreams come true.

All sorts thrown into one
One passion in common under this sun.
We all love to blog, we all came to see
We all came together to be the best we can be.

A wonderful day, enjoyed by so many
Delicious lunch which was shared a plenty.
Yummy cakes and hot drinks galore
I left today, wanting more more more.

Thank you Tots100 for my lovely day
For giving me this chance to come out and play.
Old friends and new, I chatted with all.
I've learnt so much and really had a ball.

Written by Christine Taylor - Mummy Of 3 Diaries 


  1. Wow what a super way to summarise the day. It was lovely meeting you. Following your blog.

    1. Aw thank you lovely, it was great meeting you too x