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My Family

Thursday, 30 May 2013

What to buy this Father's Day?

What to buy this Father's Day?

Father's Day is almost here (again) and If you're anything like me then you're just not prepared. This year I fancy buying my dad a different kind of gift, he's fed up of the usual socks or bottle of beer so I've decided to look for some alternative gifts this year. I want to send him on a day out so he can enjoy a new experience of some sort. The only problem is, which do I choose? 

There's driving experiences or sporting days out  – maybe a golf day (he likes golf) a short break or a historic sightseeing experience? Fast cars sound pretty exciting to me but a football stadium tour could be more relaxing for an older father like mine (don't tell him I said that).

Maybe a nice short break away for a night or two so he could go with my mum (she's like that)  Or a bit of pampering at a luxurious spa?  Maybe that could be just what your dad or partner needs. It could be a great excuse for me to go along too.

Maybe something more exciting like an adrenaline fuelled day out? An indoor skydive or a bungee jump? A balloon flight or a zombie survival.? They could be fun, but they sound a little dangerous for my liking (yes I'm a scaredy cat,I know).

There's just so much to choose from, I don't know how I'm going to make up my mind. If I was choosing for me then it would have to be a lovely, relaxing spa day but seeing as it's not for me I think daddy would love a Tank adventure day. I'm going to have a good look at Buy A Gift as they seem to have a good selection to choose from. They'bve got lots of special offers on too like 2 for 1's. I'll have to let you know what I decide on later. What would you choose?

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

HABA Doll Milla and Horse Paulina Such a beautiful pair. #review

HABA Doll Milla and Horse Paulina

 It's been awhile since our last HABA reviews but we're back and this time we have got a beauty for you. Meet Horse Paulina, a beautiful pink horse with the most delightful little added details. She's so soft to touch yet sturdy enough to stand on her own. She includes a removable saddle, bridle and magnetic flower. She's made of velours, with a chenille mane and tail and corduroy hooves, her height is approximately 40 cm. She is the most stunning toy horse I've ever seen, she's almost too cute to hand over to my girls.  Both my girls are huge horse fans so Horse Paulina is very welcome here. My daughter Lily has become quite attached over the past week, they've been having lots of fun together. 

This is Doll Milla, she's a soft bodied 30cm cutie. She likes nice dresses and pretty things. She loves putting her beautiful long blond hair into braids too. She comes with a cute summery dress, leggings, jacket, shoes and elastic hair bands. She's made of polyester, she's such a beautiful little doll. She's soft bodied but has a harder bottom so that she can sit down easily. She's perfect for Horse Paulina, together they make the perfect pair. Millia has gorgeous detachable red shoes which match her little jacket, my Lily adores her. Lily is 6 now and just getting into dolls, it's took her a while but now there's no stopping her. She's dolly mad. Lily and Milla are the best of friends, both gorgeous in my eyes.

As always HABA toys come beautifully boxed in the sweetest packaging. The toys are always secure but not over packaged, there's just a few cable ties to cut your new friends free. There's nothing worse than having to remove way too much packaging which you're then left with to dispose of. With HABA toys, you just throw away the few cable ties and fold your boxes ready for recycling. It's easy. 

We received our very own Horse Paulina and Doll Millia to have a play with and see what we thought. The quality is amazing and the toys themselves are way too cute. Their every little girls dream, HABA have made some real heart breakers this time. Not only are my girls crazy about them but my little man has been spotted playing with them happily too. I think he likes the horsey , he doesn't seem to mind that she's pink. Mummy Of 3 Diaries are so proud to be HABA Ambassadors, it makes our job as toy testers so much easier with their gorgeous toys. Both Horse Paulina and Doll Millia received a very well deserved 5/5 from all of us here. We simply cannot fault either of them, they make role playing so much more fun. When you have such detailed toys, the possibilities are endless. Their imagination is free to run wild.

We always have fun with HABA - what do you think of their toys? I'd love to know.

#WIN 2 x Super Cute Funky Giraffe Bibs

Competition - Win 2 x Funky Giraffe Bibs

Funky Giraffe Bibs offer you everything you need to keep your baby dry, comfortable and looking like the true star they are! Their huge range of Bandana Bibs are practical as well as stylish making these the must have accessories for your little wonder. 

These  2 x Funky Giraffe Bibs (shown above) cost just £4 each or 5 for £11 which also includes free postage and packaging. It's a pretty good price for if you're after something different from your ordinary bibs. I have 2 of these cute Funky Giraffe bibs for one of you lucky readers to win.

 To enter simply use the RaffleCopter form below. This giveaway will close on Sunday June 9th and is only open to the UK. One winner will be drawn at random from all the correct entries, good luck.

#WIN Some Gorgeous Gumigem Dad Tags for Father's Day

#WIN Gorgeous Gumigem Dad Tags for Father's Day

We're big fans of Gumigem and used their teething necklaces when Ryan was little, they worked wonders whilst looking great but why should us mummies have all the attention. Why not get the blokes in on the fun with these matt effect dad tags, they come in on a cotton cord with a breakaway clasp and you get two on each! They are available in 5 gorgeous colours even a nice girly pink too for the mums. The cord is long, but can easily be cut and the clasps put back on to get the desired length, they look great. They usually cost £12.95 but one of you lucky people are going to win your very own set for free. You can check out all the Gumigem Dad Tags online or to win one: here's how to enter, just fill in your details using the RaffleCopter form below and cross your fingers. One winner will be drawn at random from all the correct entries on Sunday June 9th. It's open to the UK only I'm afraid.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Meeting Justin Fletcher and becoming apart of #JustinsWorld

Meeting Justin Fletcher and becoming a part of 
Justin's World.

What an exciting day we've had today, we've been to Merry Hill to see the one and only CBeebies star Justin Fletcher! Justin's in town promoting his brand new adventure "Justin's World" There's three brand new Apps for all the Justin fans out there like us. 

Goldilocks & The Three Bears is available now for £2.99, Lettersounds will be available in July for £1.49 and Jigsongs will be out in August for just 69 pence. You can check out all the Apps at Justin's World. They are only available from the Apple store at the moment but they will be made available for Android too real soon.

Today we were kindly invited along to watch one of the live shows that Justin was putting on for the very lucky people of Birmingham's Merry Hill shopping centre. Not only were we lucky enough to be seated on the very special VIP grass area but we also got to meet Justin himself before the show. I'm not sure who was more excited, the kids or me. Seeing Justin on our TV at home every day made it so much more special for us, we were very excited to meet him. When our moment came Justin was so lovely, he's just like he is on TV. He chatted to the kids and made them feel at ease, he was really friendly and very warm. We got a signed picture and lots of lovely pictures of us all together, pictures we will treasure forever.

Even my eldest daughter Chloe who is 10 really enjoyed herself, for someone who was "too cool for CBeebies" looks like she was pretty smitten to me. Justin put on a fantastic show - he sang and signed to everyone. There was a total of 1000 tickets given out for free for each show before hand which went really fast, everybody wanted to see Justin. Luckily the sun shone down  us today and everyone had a fantastic time. We sang, cheered and clapped our morning away.

 Well we've had an amazing day, it's going to be hard to top this one. Here at Mummy Of Three Diaries we're HUGE fans of Justin Fletcher , we're so grateful for the opportunity we received today. Remember to check out Justin's World for yourself.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Family Time - BBQ Style

Family Time - BBQ Style

What a glorious day Sunday turned out to be, we had great weather, delicious food and good old fashioned family fun. I always find that unplanned, spontaneous days can become some of the best days of our lives. Our Sunday started out like any other, we got up, we had breakfast, we sat in front of the tv and done nothing. Well that was until Daddy got the grass trimmer out! As soon as the kids heard that roar, they were all off out into the garden with huge smiles on their faces. Daddy was cutting the grass which meant play time for them. They seem to love it when he's outside, he's like a big child magnet that they just can't resist. Once the grass was cut and the garden was tidy, Daddy decided to put of brand new BBQ together. This is where the excitement began to build, we've never had our own BBQ before. We've been to other peoples and had one of those cheap disposables that never really do much. This was a big deal for us, our very first family run BBQ. With the BBQ built and the kids happily playing, we had forgotten one thing: the food but a mad dash to our local Co-Op soon fixed that. The shelves were half empty where everyone else must have had the same idea whilst the sun was out but we got enough to feed our five. I think we got enough to feed a few more too by the looks of it.

Daddy was in his element doing his manly thing over by the BBQ, the kids and I played on the trampoline. The sun was shining, the wind had disappeared and the day had turned out just right. Even our cat Garfield was out lying around soaking up the sun, well as much as he could without being chased off every few minutes. The kids never did learn how to leave him alone, poor thing. We had hotdogs with proper sausages, delicious quarter pounder burgers with cheese and plenty of sauce. We had chicken tikka kebabs and potato salads, we had a feast fit for a king, well our king Daddy anyway. If I had tried to plan our day to have turned out like it did, it probably would have never happened. Like I said, it's always those unplanned spur of the moment kind of days that turn out to be the best. The kids had so much fun playing outside in the garden, Daddy looks so happy with his new toy and me, well I was so happy just being a part of it all. Our first family BBQ turned out to be a pretty good one if I do say so myself.

It's the little moments in life that make it all worth while, Ryan playing with his shadow looking so pleased with himself when he thought he'd caught it. Lily actually eating a bun with a burger in it and not just the bun. Chloe relaxing and smiling whilst swinging back and forth on the swing and Ryan jumping in Daddys seat when he got up. It's these special things that make our family who we are and will stay with us forever. Last Sunday started out like every other but turned into one better than I could have ever hoped for. A family fun day, BBQ style.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Can you use one Duvet ALL year round? You can with Slumberdown

Slumberdown Climate Control Duvets

I am proud to say that Mummy Of 3 Diaries is now a very proud Slumberdown Blogger, we will be testing out some of their lovely products over the next few months. I never thought I'd be getting so excited about bedding but I am. It's rather strange for me as I'm not your typical enthusiastic housewife. I must admit I like to keep things simple and do as little as possible.

Our first item was a Climate Control Duvet which I was very excited about as until it arrived I didn't actually know such a thing existed. For the past how many years I've been swapping between two duvets all year round. A thick, warmer one for the winter and a much thinner, cooler one for the summer. Who knew that you could get one duvet that adjusted to your body temperature making it suitable to use all year through! Not me, oops.

Our Climate Control Duvet arrived last week in a nice little bag which I couldn't resist opening right away. Within one hour of arriving it was all unwrapped and made at home on my bed. When I opened the bag I noticed the softness of it straight away. It felt so squishy, fluffy and soft. So nice in fact that I had to give it a big cuddle or two. I took a few pictures to try and show you what I mean, it's hard to see the fluff factor on pictures but I'll try. 

These first two pictures show the duvet unfolded straight out of the bag. 

Once opened out the duvet is actually quite thin and really light. I was excited too see how it was going to keep me as warm as my thicker (old) duvet did.

The last picture is my nice new Slumberdown duvet on my double bed all ready to sleep in. I've been using it for over a week now and feel I am ready to give you my thoughts on it. First off, I love the fact that it feels so light yet actually keeps you nice and warm. A cosy duvet means a cosy nights sleep, which is exactly what I've been enjoying. The only downside to my new duvet is that I don't want to get out from under it in the mornings. It's lovely and fluffy and really feels fresh. I'm not quite sure how it works but I can happily say that it does. I've been having some lovely nights sleep, the weather has been up and down like a yoyo but my sleep has been the same. The temperature outside has not affected my temperature inside which for us Britains is great. We never know what the weather is going to throw at us but at least now it doesn't matter, sleepwise as my new Slumberdown Climate Control Duvet does exactly what it claims to do. It keeps me at the perfect temperature to get that great nights sleep us mums need. I'm really happy with my new duvet. You really can have just one duvet and use it all year round!

The Slumberdown Climate Control Duvets are available in sizes: Single, Double and King in 10.5 tog. Their advansa fibres are technically proven to wick away moisture, creating an even temperature throughout the night, to prevent overheating whilst still maintaining tog. The fibres enhance comfortable sleep by transporting vapour from the body, permitting it to naturally evaporate into the atmosphere, thereby optimising the conditions for physical comfort and continuous sleep. The climate control fibres are encased in a luxury, soft touch poly cotton fabric. Their main benefit is their balanced temperature through the night provides a comfortable sleeping climate, resulting in a restful night. They're also machine washable.

Mummy Of 3 Diaries gives the Slumberdown Climate Control Duvet a 5/5 - HUGE Thumbs Up!

I was given my Climate Control Duvet for free for the purpose of this post but rest assured, all the opinions expressed are 100% honest and entirely my own.

#SilentSunday 19/05/2013

Silent Sunday

Friday, 17 May 2013

#Review Walkers Hoops and Crosses

Walkers Hoops and Crosses Review

Product Details:

Whole grain goodness
Source of fibre and whole grain
85 calories per bag
No artificial colours or preservatives
Suitable for vegetarians
Roast beef flavour baked corn snack
30% Less Fat than everyday potato crisps on average.

These new Walkers Hoops & Crosses are really delicious hooped & crosses shaped snacks. They're a fun new range of tasty snacks that you can feel good about giving to your family without any worries. You can visit them at

A few weeks ago we were sent a sweet little package from Walkers themselves so that we could try out their new snacks for ourselves. Not only did we get a packet of yummy Beef flavoured Hoops and Crosses but we also got this cute cuddly monkey too. He's very sweet! 
He arrived cuddling our review sample which sadly we had to prise out of his fingers or paws as I should say.

My little man Ryan loves monkeys so he was happily welcomed into our family. His name is still monkey but that's ok as Ryan is only 2 after all. I'm sure his name will change once he's had a chance to think about it. Maybe he just likes the name monkey, we'll never know.

I really liked the packaging, it's simple yet bright and clearly marked with everything you need to know. The Beef flavour comes in a bright yellow packet containing lots of yummy goodness. I was pleasantly surprised by the portion size, there was plenty in there to satisfy a little persons hunger or cravings. We shared our packet out four ways so we each had a few to taste. The flavour is nice, not too strong or overpowering but just enough to get that meaty beefy taste. We all really enjoyed them, so much so that we were a little sad when they were all gone. It's ok though as we have purchased a few more bags since that day. Our family happiness has been restored, a little melodramatic I know but it's true. They really are yummy!

Walkers have done a good job creating these new Hoops and Crosses, they're fun and tasty. What more could we want for our kids. A snack that isn't bad for them, tastes good and appeals to their eye has got to be a good thing. Well, I think so anyway. Hoops and Crosses got a fab thumbs up from all of us here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries. A well deserved 5/5.

This is a sponsored post. I received a small payment as well as our review sample and toy monkey.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New Cuddledry ‘coffee and cream’ range designed exclusively for Mothercare

New Cuddledry ‘coffee and cream’ range designed exclusively for Mothercare

Cuddledry ‘hands-­‐free’ apron towels are a regular on a new parents’ list of must-­‐haves for their baby. This Spring, Cuddledry will launch a brand new range designed exclusively for Mothercare, in gorgeous ‘coffee and cream’ colours. Made with supersoft bamboo towelling, the range includes the award winning apron towel, a cute little bear poncho and a handy hair towel. The new range will be available in leading Mothercare stores across the UK. The super softness and absorbency stays after washing – unlike normal cotton only towels -­‐ thanks to Cuddledry’s signature blend of pure cotton and bamboo. The bamboo is amazing stuff – antibacterial, 60% more absorbent than cotton, and with an incredible lasting silky softness – perfect for tender young skin. 

‘Mothercare have thought of everyone with the exclusive new ‘coffee and cream’ range of products from Cuddledry. To make life simple for new mums and dads there is our stress-­‐ busting apron towel, as seen on TV. For toddlers there is the gorgeous ‘little bear’ poncho towel made with Cuddledry’s signature stay soft bamboo towelling. And finally there is the bamboo Cuddle twist for drying your little one’s hair, or to pinch and use for yourself!’ 
Helen Wooldridge – Cuddledry.

Coffee and cream apron towel £29.99 Little Bear poncho towel £27.99 Coffee and cream hair towel £8.99 The coffee and cream range will be available in stores and on the Mothercare website from the beginning of May.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Time for a change..

Time for a change.

I started blogging back in 2010 as a simple diary log for my children. Something that I could look back on to remember all those special moments that so easily get lost in the busyness of general day to day life. Over the years our posts have changed a lot  as we've started to do more product reviews and become more interactive with more and more brands. 

Since the start I've always used the same header which I made myself from a simple collage of our family pics. That was until today when I've finally plucked up the courage to make a new one and change it.

This was my old header:

This is my new one:

Not only have I changed my blog header but I've changed my whole theme and background too, yes I was feeling very brave today. I was aiming for simple, clean and fresh looking? Do you think I've succeeded? I've also personalised our new background to add that personal touch.

Now that the changes are done I'm a little scared, have I made it better or worse? I would love to hear what you think as I'm always trying to better my blog for you my readers as it is you that will be reading it. For now, I think I am happy with it but I'm not sure how long for. Be warned, it could all change again real soon.

Christine x

Saturday, 11 May 2013

I've summed up my day with a poem! #BlogSummit @tots100

Birmingham Blog Summit - 11/05/2013

I went to Blog Summit Birmingham today
A place for bloggers to learn and play.
100 bloggers and some speakers too
We spend our lives blogging just through.

Sessions galore with so much choice
From SEO tips to Finding your voice.
Photography classes with Do's and Don'ts
Old and new bloggers, learning the ropes.

Meeting brands and chatting lots
Positive speaking and feeling hot.
Smiles aplenty and convos flowing
Helpful ladies who knew where they're going.

Mummy bloggers and Foodie fun
Travel experts who chase the sun.
Daddy blogs and Animators too
A wonderful mixture of all dreams come true.

All sorts thrown into one
One passion in common under this sun.
We all love to blog, we all came to see
We all came together to be the best we can be.

A wonderful day, enjoyed by so many
Delicious lunch which was shared a plenty.
Yummy cakes and hot drinks galore
I left today, wanting more more more.

Thank you Tots100 for my lovely day
For giving me this chance to come out and play.
Old friends and new, I chatted with all.
I've learnt so much and really had a ball.

Written by Christine Taylor - Mummy Of 3 Diaries 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

The '1stFone' designed for children launches today!

The '1stFone' designed for children launches today!

The 'dumbphone for smart parents' designed specifically for kids.

With children at greater risk than ever from the dangers of mobile technology, OwnFone has launched a mobile phone designed specifically for kids  - the 1stFone.

The credit-card sized handset, aimed at children between four and nine, has taken the mobile phone to a whole new level of simplicity with no screen, just the names of the people that you want to call on the front of the phone. The device is completely customisable with different colours and patterns and only makes and receives calls allowing parents to stay connected with their children without the problems associated with normal mobile phones.

1stFone, dubbed the 'the dumbphone for smart parents', comes programmed with up to 12 pre-assigned numbers so children can have Mum, Dad, Nan and Grandpa as well as their home phone number at their fingertips. Parents with older children can also choose to have a 999 button programmed which has to be pressed three times to activate. With such basic functionality the risks of text or cyber bulling, stumbling across inappropriate material on the internet, 'sexting' or being mugged, all common concerns with young children who have mobile phones, are completely eliminated. The limited functionality of the 1stFone also means usage is greatly reduced, minimising the monthly cost to parents.  

With a compact, lightweight design, the 1stFone is easy for small hands to use and tough enough to survive bumps and scrapes. It’s colourful, customisable design appeals to children and the handset is particularly suitable for any child that plays outside out of ear shot, travels or walks to school on their own or sleeps over with friends. It’s suitable for day-to-day use or can be fully charged and stored away as an emergency phone and will still make a call after a year.

The sister phone to the product, 2ndFone, is due to be released in the next few weeks, aimed towards twenty something's that don’t want to take their expensive smartphones to parties, festivals or on nights out. The long battery life and compact lightweight design of the phone sets it apart from other dumphones. The 2ndFone features a numerical keypad as well as pre-assigned contacts, which are printed on the back allowing the user to easily call friends or any number. The device is still fully customisable with a range of on-trend colours and patterns making the 2ndFone the must have accessory this festival season.

Tom Sunderland, founder of OwnFone, commented: "In a world dominated by Smartphones parents face a difficult choice when it comes to finding a first phone for their child. We wanted to design a fun product that appeals to children but puts parents in complete control and minimizes usage while still providing a vital connection between parent and child.

"We're now looking to expand our product range across ages and feel that at every stage of life we need simple phones to compliment smartphones. This is about providing a much needed balance to smartphones and recognising that in certain situations or times in life you need light, simple and small rather than large, heavy and complicated"

The 1stFone costs from £55 and is available through the OwnFone website ( on a 30 day rolling contract, pay as you go and paid in advance bundles for 6 and 12 months.

The OwnFone website guides you through personalising the phone and choosing which price plan is best suited to you. The numbers that you input are then saved in the cloud and can be instantly changed at any time. The handset comes with a 28-day money back guarantee and a 12-month handset warranty.

OwnFone is exhibiting at Mums Show Live at Alexandra Palace from 16-19 May. You can visit stand G20 in the Panorama Room to see the phone in action as well as place as an order for your personalised OwnFone.

What do you think? Good idea or not? 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Say Cheers This Fathers Day With The Best Of British Beers

Step Away from the Hankies and Ties and let Dad try a New Beer.
Best of British Beer (BoB) urges desperate offspring to try something new this 
Father’s Day on 16th June. In a little over 8 weeks Father’s Day will be upon us. For most of the UK’s sons and daughters (and wives) this day means a mad scramble around the high street – scanning department stores or garden centres in an ever-increasing state of panic looking for a perfect last-minute gift for dear old Dad. Often in the safe and certain knowledge that, once again, they will end up buying for the sake of it and the gift will join last year’s unwanted gift in a drawer or wardrobe for the next 12 months.

Fathers can often be tricky people to buy for. What should be a day of celebration turns into a hapless guessing game or even a day of dread.  Help is now at hand however, thanks to specialist online retailer, Best of British Beer. BoB has made life a whole lot easier for everyone with its range of fantastic beers, where buyers can mix and match to their heart’s content and create that perfect present.  

Visitors to the B0B website will find a huge choice of hard to find, award-winning beers that are not available in the supermarket.  Hand picked cases start from just £21.99, with a top end case containing 12 x 330ml bottles of some very on trend Black IPA and craft lagers priced at £44.95.
For £21.99 you can get this Six Pack of Beer gift pack. The Best of British Beer gift pack includes 6 x 500ml bottles of quality British beer. 

For £15.00 you can get this 3 Beer Gift Set. Each 3 pack is boxed in a Best of British Beer branded Gift Pack and contains beers from 3 different breweries in the style you have chosen. They will even include a Best of British Beer glass to complete the gift set.

If your Dad is anything like mine, then he would love a Fathers Day gift from The Best Of British Beer site. My Dad was overjoyed last week when he received an early present from them, a wonderful Six Pack Of Beer all for himself. He was given the job of being my beer tester for the day, not that he minded. With the help of my brother as I wouldn't want to encourage my Dad to drink all those beers on his own at once, together they tasted all 6 bottle of beer and sampled their goodness and flavours one by one. I think they had a very enjoyable afternoon and loved their new role. Each bottle was very different, there was a fabulous selection of beers for them to try. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. Here's their 6 bottles:

Each bottle has a good description of the beer it holds inside, where it's from and what it's like. I was very impressed with the labeling and the delivery packaging was very good. Nothing got damaged or broken and all arrived safely and quickly. Both my Dad and my brother really liked the wide variety and good mix of blends and strengths  I think they're both hoping for some more come Fathers Day. I might be nice but it depends how they behave until then. 

Mummy Of 3 Diaries gave the Best Of British Beers a 4/5. Best of British Beer can provide cases of beers you can't buy in the supermarket and even personalise the labels! They sell a good choice of gifts to suit all budgets, so why not pop over and check out their site for yourself.