My Family

My Family

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Awesome Justin & Friends Live Show

The Awesome Justin & Friends Live Show.

My little man Ryan (aged 2) loves Justin, so much so that we often sit watching Justin's House on repeat over and over some days. He loves the music and the dancing, he jumps around the room happily and loves joining in all with the fun and games. Last week the lovely people from   Barclaycard gave us the wonderful opportunity to go along to the Justin & Friends Live Show in Birmingham to finally see the infamous Justin in person. Ryan and I were very excited! Our seats were excellent, we were in the first seated block nearest the right hand side of the stage and just 3 rows back. We had a wonderful view of the whole stage. 

The arena was full of excitedly happy children, waving lighted wands and big foam hands. It was an amazing sight. All was quiet until the show began, at which point the whole room then erupted with noise, cheers and screams in a good way of course. It was great to see all the CBeebies characters that we've been watching on our TV for years at home. They were all just like we remembered. From start to finish Ryan was mesmerized, he was in total awe of seeing them all right there on the stage. His favourite parts were the scenes from his favourite show Justin's House and he loved it when Mr Tumble came out. He was up on his feet singing and dancing and waving his arms in the air. It really was a wonderful show. I took so many pictures, way too many to show you them all but I've made a collage of our day just to show you some of our highlights from the show. If we could go again, we so would.

If your little ones love Justin and his friends as much as my little one does then this is a show that you don't want to miss. It's a wonderful production filled with lights, bright colours and fantastic music and songs. It's the perfect day out for all the family, a truly spectacular show. 

From Ryan and I, Thank you so much  Barclaycard.


  1. we will have to book to go next time its on, it does look really good!

  2. Love Justin would love to take my lil boy! Awesome