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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My Top 30 Money Saving Tips #30waystosave1pound @MoneySupermkt

My Top 30 Money Saving Tips 

Money Supermarket.Com are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin. They're asking the UK's most talented and creative bloggers to give them as many money saving tips as they can. They want a total of 1,000, to be precise! They realise that asking each of us to give 1,000 ways is perhaps demanding a little too much, so they'd like to reach to the magic figure by getting up to 30 ways from each blogger. We think it's a really great idea so here are our 30 top tips on how you can save money.

1. Growing your own vegetables is fun and actually quite easy to do. Not only will growing your own provide you with a fun activity but it will save you lots of money in the long run too.

2. Childrens books can be very expensive so why not join your local library and borrow books from there. Your child will get a wider choice of new books and you will save a small fortune on buying books that your children will probably only ever read once anyway.

3. When going to the supermarket, visit the End Of Date ideals 1st as who knows what bargains you might find. I wanted a birthday Cake a few months back and found a perfect one on the sale rail for less than half price, result!

4. Always search for online discounts or coupons before ordering online. I love ordering Pizza online but hate how much it costs so I search for online codes and often find 50% off ones which save me a pretty penny. I don't ever order Pizza without a saving.

5. Never go food shopping on an empty stomach as you'll end up impulse buying just because you're hungry. Eating first will save you money, believe me. I've been there.

6. Always make the most of shop offers like Buy One Get One Free or 3 For 2's as these are a great way of buying in bulk and saving a few pounds. It's the little savings that add up.

7. Make a shopping list and stick to it so that you don't end up buying things you don't actually want or even need.

8. Lots of stores have point cards which can be a good way to build up savings. Boots has the best one, and my favourite. You get 1p back for every £1 you spend which adds up really quickly when you have nappies and other baby bits to buy.

9. Save money by using free Apps like Chat On on your phone instead of paying  to send Text Messages.

10. Use Facebook Video Chat to talk to your family and friends. Not only is it fun but it's free so it will save you money on phone calls.

11. Sell on Ebay, what you might no longer want or need, someone else might. Selling on older items can allow you to make money to buy newer ones. Simple and easy to do.

12. Always use comparison sites before renewing car insurance or home insurance as there might be better deals to be had which can save you lots of money.

13. If you owe money on Credit Cards, open new ones with 6 special offers like 6 months free interest on all balance transfers. this will allow you to transfer your existing balances over and save on interest repayments for 6 months. Could be very helpful.

14. Save money on sunny days by taking your kids to the park to play instead of paying for indoor activities. Going back to nature can be very rewarding.

15. Use a blanket if you are cold and only put the heating on if the whole house is cold.

16. Hang your washing out to dry on the washing line instead of using the Tumble Dryer.

17. Join a DVD lending store like Blockbusters so you can borrow DVDs and Computer games instead of buying them all new.

18. Computer games can be very expensive so trade in your old ones once the kids have finished with them in shops like Game where you can then put that cash towards new ones.

19. If you know what you want to but, that new dress for example. Search online first and look for  the cheapest place to buy it. That 10 minute search could save you up to half the retail price.

20. Car boot sales can be a great way to clear out your clutter and raise a few pounds. Your junk could be someone elses treasure. We all know money doesn't grow on trees.

21. Empty out all your change, coins smaller than £1 so 50p's 20s, 10s, 5s 2s and 1s into a pot. Not only will it save you counting out change at the till but it will make your purse a lot lighter too. I do this every year towards my Christmas shop, last year I had saved over £100 which paid for my whole shopping trip.

22. Turn off lights and plugs when the appliances are not in use.

23. On family days out take a Picnic or packed lunch, eating out can be very expensive.

24. Make your own Birthday cards, save money and give your cards that personal touch.

25. Shops like Poundland can be a great place to shop, they save me money every week.

26. Forget buying newspapers and magazines, just read them online.

27. Don't waste money on fancy car parks, find a side street  that has no road markings and park there. A short walk is better than a big bill.

28. Before buying anything ask yourself "Do I really need this?" If the answer is no which it often is, then don't buy it. It actually works.

29. Buy Christmas presents early, if you see a great offer buy it there and then and put it away.

30. Make your own kids snacks like simply crackers and cheese instead of buying those pre packed expensive ones.

That's my top 30 tips on how you can save money. This is my entry into the 30 Ways to Save £1 with MoneySupermarket.  You can share your tips and join in too!

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