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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My perfect Summer Outfit From Daxon

My perfect Summer Outfit From Daxon

If I had £200 to spend on the Daxon Website to create any one outfit of my choice it would have to be a Summer one for my upcoming trip to Turkey which I'm very excited about. All those lazy summer days relaxing on the beach and those warm summer nights enjoying delicious food with fun filled entertainment, it's going to be wonderful. After looking through all the fabulous choices on their site I've finally spent my budget and found my perfect summer outfit.

First off I need my statement piece: This Ladies Guipure Lace Dress is simple yet stunning and priced at just £49 it's a steal. This beautiful short white dress is going to show off my tan with ease and make me look relaxed yet ladylike whilst sitting by the pool or at the dinner table.

I'd team this with some cute yet comfy PEDICONFORT sandals. They have a sweet little wedge heel just to give my legs that little tilt they need to look longer and slimmer in this dress. I really like these and for £45 they're not badly priced either. They could easily be worn by the pool or out at night, I'm sure they'd look good on my feet in whatever environment.

What every summer outfit needs is a gorgeous sun hat and for that reason I have picked this lovely Créaline Ladies Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat, isn't it beautiful? It's priced at just £25 and worth every penny I think. I suffer from SunStroke quite easily on holiday so a sun hat is a must for me. Why blend in when you can stand out and look so good with ease? I always get a little braver when I'm on holiday and like to wear things I wouldn't normally wear at home. 

With just £119 spent out of my £200 budget , there was just one last thing I needed to complete my new summer look, a gorgeous swimsuit for dipping in the pool or the sea. Even though I'm a size 10 I still feel a little paranoid about my "Mummy Tummy" so this Ladies Tummy-Control Swimsuit is perfect for me. It's bright and colourful and just what I'd look for in a swimsuit. It doesn't reveal too much yet still looks cute and nicely fitted. It's priced at £39 which brings my total spend up to a total of £158. 

I could use the rest to splash out on accessories like a nice bag or some cute jewelry but I like my beach outfits simple as I don't want to be carrying too much around with me. I'm so pleased with my choices, now I just wish I really owned them.

You can check out the Daxon Website and see what your perfect outfit would be.

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