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My Family

Monday, 8 April 2013

My First Baby Annabell Baby Moves.

My First Baby Annabell Baby Moves.

My first Baby Annabell Baby Moves is a soft doll who lays on her back like a real baby.  When she is settled she will lay still but when she becomes restless she will move her arms and legs and turn her head from side to side, mimicking real movements. my first Baby Annabell Baby Moves will bring out the loving and nurturing side of little girls as they create a special emotional link with the doll, building a bridge to the real baby world. Once little girls have mastered how to settle my first Baby Annabell Baby Moves, the doll will fall asleep with her arms raised above her head while making a relaxed sleeping sound. 

As ever, Baby Annabell’s new doll aims to imitate a lifelike baby, and my first Baby Annabell Baby Moves showcases just how realistic she is by babbling in her own baby language and opening and closing her eyes.

My first Baby Annabell Baby Moves boasts many of the much-loved play patterns little girls so often seek.  Due to the new doll’s authentic look and feel, girls will seek involvement from their mothers during role-play.  Encouraged behaviour such as this helps to create emotional bonds, developing skills that little girls can then apply in social situations. She is suitable for children aged two plus, My first Baby Annabell Baby Moves will be available to buy nationwide in all good toy retailers, at a RRP of £29.99.

My youngest daughter Lily loves her baby dolls, she's getting quite good at looking after them now. A few weeks ago we were kindly sent one of these My first Baby Annabell Baby Moves dolls for her to play with so that we could review it and tell you all what we thought. Lily is 6 years old now so I was a little worried that she might think this doll was a little young and small for her as she has a lot of the bigger dolls in the range already but I was soon proved wrong. Lily loves her, so much so that she has been taking her everywhere we go over the past week or two. 

They sit together and read together all the time, Lily often shares her snacks and treats with her too which is very sweet. My first Baby Annabell is a very sweet little doll, she's a cute baby doll made to be loved and cuddled. She takes 3 AAA batteries to make her work which are easy to insert into the back of her body. She makes sounds and moves slowly using gentle baby like motions. She doesn't make too much noise, just a little every now and again which I like as some of her dolls can be a little bit on the noisy side crying all the time.

 I can happily say this one doesn't and blends in quite nicely with our homelife. My first Baby Annabell Baby Moves is a delightful little character, Lily and I love her. I've taken a few pictures of Lily with her new friend for you too see. It's hard to catch her playing naturally as she always guesses what I'm up too and poses, bless her. 

 Mummy Of 3 Diaries and Lily gives this My first Baby Annabell Baby Moves a 3/5 because as much as Lily loves her she wishes she did a little more.

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