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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Everyone Loves Candy Floss! @FindMeAGift

Gourmet Gadgetry Candy Floss Maker

Everyone loves candy floss, well everyone here does at least. A few weeks back we were sent a rather exciting Gourmet Gadgetry Candy Floss Maker from the very kind people over at Find Me A Gift to test out and review. I'm not sure who was more excited, the children or me? Candy floss is normally a special treat for seaside visits or days at the fair. It's not something we have very often as it's not widely available, well not the yummy fresh kind anyway. You can get pre packed tubs in the sweet shops but they're just not the same.

As soon as it arrived we just had to open it and try it out. It's very easy to put together, everything just slides into place. The instruction booklet is pretty simple too, it has both clear pictures and written step by step instructions to follow which is great as I'm easily confused.

Once it's all put together you turn it on and wait 3 minutes until it gets hot and glows like this:

You then turn it off for a few seconds and add just 1 scoop of sugar. You can use any sugar you like, it doesn't matter which you use which is great news too.

It works really quickly, after about a minute you can see the candy floss starting to form around the sides in a web like pattern. It was so much fun to watch, we let Daddy try it out first as he's the bravest.

 We accidentally misread the instructions slightly and held the sticks straight down as we spun it around the base which we found didn't work very well. These are the first two attempts shown below which were very small and also very hard. Oops! 

We soon learnt from our mistake though and I can promise you the next ones were much bigger and so much better! We realised we had to hold the stick across the top and not down the side as it wasn't sticking very well and getting burnt which wasn't very nice to eat. 

Isn't that much better? 

Just look at the size of our candy floss, it's almost as big as my Lily. The kids were amazed! All that candy floss came from just one little scoop of sugar. It was so light and fluffy, just like any good candy floss should be. It tasted so good too! We were in candy floss heaven.

The Gourmet Gadgetry Candy Floss Maker costs £34.99 which isn't a bad price for unlimited candy floss really. Not that I would  give my kids that much as I'm not sure the sugar rushes would be as fun to handle but for a special treat, it's a great idea. The only small grumble I had was there was no wooden sticks in the box for that first time use. We had to improvise and use chopsticks which wasn't ideal but allowed us to try it out. I think next time I will have to get us some proper sticks but it would have been that much easier if a few had come in the box.

Overall Mummy Of 3 Diaries gives the Find Me A Gift Gourmet Gadgetry Candy Floss Maker a fun filled 4/5. It's not over priced, it's easy and fun to use and it works really well producing really delicious candy floss for all the family. Thumbs up from us!


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