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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cold Wives Tales - 20 tips to keep the home warm & toasty.

How to save energy and money in the home

While home energy use has actually fallen by 30% in the last 30 years, the cost of bills have increased from £960-£1,030. And, with spring seemingly an age away, the recent cold snaps have meant that the amount of fuel used in the home has inevitably begun to rise again. But, there are ways that we can reduce energy wastage in a bid to keep bills as low as we can.

Here are some suggestions from leading home improvements specialists Everest:

A clean chimney is an energy efficient one

Sweeping the chimney of soot and debris will ensure your fire burns safely and efficiently – and this will help you to save on fuel.

Maintain your roof tiles to lock that energy in

Not only will water leakage lead to costly repair bills, but in some cases, it isn’t covered by your home insurance. You also risk losing energy through the roof if you don’t maintain it properly.

Top up your insulation for greater efficiency

If you are tired of moaning about the dreaded draft from upstairs, then ensuring your loft insulation is at, in the very least, 27cm, will actually help to keep your house toastier – and more importantly it’ll save you as much as £175 a year.

Fill in the gaps when it comes to your floorboards

Dated floorboards may be in fashion right now, but rest assured they will leak heat and let in the cold. But you needn’t be sacrificing energy for chic – a little bit of filler will be enough to close up the gaps – saving you energy and blocking out the cold.

It’s curtains for cold snaps…

Heavier curtains will help to keep your living room warm and snug throughout winter and autumn’s worst – so it’s well worth considering this when you’re choosing your soft furnishing.

Use a thermostat – it’ll save you in the long-run

As much as £70 a year, actually – so it’s well worth it…

35% of heat is lost through your walls…

Which is why, it is worth considering investing in cavity walls or solid wall insulation to help to save you both money and energy in the future.

Minimise drafts with brush insulation strips

This will definitely help to minimise problem drafts under the front and back doors.

For even more useful energy saving tips, have a look at the following infographic.

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