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My Family

Friday, 22 February 2013

Our #Treefutomtoys Party

Our Tree Fu Tom Toys Party

In case you didn't know, last Tuesday we hosted a Tree Fu Tom Toys Party alongside 24 other lovely bloggers. We each hosted our own separate parties but also joined together to unite using the power of Twitter. There was fun, games and laughs a plenty. We had a wonderful time, it was crazy but so much fun and although it was hard work I would do it all over again.

We were sent a box full of amazing Tree Fu Tom Toys to help him celebrate the launch of his fantastic new toy range. There was toys for the kids to play with and cakes to enjoy. There was even toy prizes and gifts for them to take home. It was a lovely evening, enjoyed by all.

We had 10 guests in total, 3 of which were my own children. We played lots of partty games and had fun colouring and being silly with the Squizzles. It was nice to see so many smiles.

I wanted to show you some of the toys and tell you what the kids thought:
The Magic Moves Rap Mat was the party favourite. It's set to music from the show, so that the kids can follow the flashing lights to perform Tree Fu Tom’s special moves and get to the next levels. It was the most popular toy out of the range, the kids were fighting each other to have goes on this one. It's great for keeping them entertained and moving, it's a great toy.

Our next favourite was the Squizzles, when I first saw these I just looked at them a little puzzled but after actually playing with them, I realised just how much fun they could be. We used them as frisbies, as balls for catch and we even used them to play pass the Squizzle which was lots of fun as we used only our knees to pass them. There was lots of giggles all round. I really liked these, they are simple yet great. Not a toy to be over looked.

Next up we had the Tree Fu Tom Deluxe Holopax, this was another big hit with the kids. This Super Holopax is just like Tom's. You press the button and open the shell to reveal your Tree Fu friends with flashing lights and your favourite phrases from the TV show to help you on your adventures! With the Super Holopax you can be a Tree Fu hero too! It Includes 25 phrases. The kids loved this one but it wasn't great for sharing, it's one of them toys that every kid wants one of their own. I quite liked the music and the flashing lights were great. A huge thumbs up from all of us for this toy.
The Tree Fu Tom Zigzoo's Wagon Playset is cute, You can jump aboard Zigzoo's Wagon in this Tree Fu Tom playset and get ready for an adventure. Unsurprisingly the crazy inventor's wagon is very high tech, featuring lots of gears and a little bell. You'll also get a poseable Zigzoo figure who carries his trusty spanner and telescope. This is a great playset for children aged three and up. We quite enjoyed this little playset, it's very sweet.
There are 5 Tree Fu Tom Figures to collect: Tom, Ariela, Squirmtum, Twigs and Zigzoo. Each  cute little figure come with a base and accessory. They're very detailed and bright and really close to the characters on the show. They are great for collecting or playing with as part of their imaginary world. The kids liked these, just not as much as some of the other more active toys in the range. Who can blame them though, flashing lights and fun music is a bit hard to beat.

Overall we had an amazing time at our party and really enjoyed playing with all of the new Tree Fu Tom Toys. We had our favourites but what would be yours? All of the new tots are now available to buy in the shops and online. 

Will your kids become huge Tree Fum Tom Toys fans like mine? I hope so.

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