My Family

My Family

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

No Words . Just Silence.

No Words. Just Silence

This morning news spread of a tragedy close to our hearts. A young boy who we knew very well died yesterday. At just 9 years old he was driven to take his own life through the sadness caused by the cruel actions of bullies. I have no words to say I feel right now, my tears speak for themselves.

 Today a whole hall of children will be told of our loss, I have no idea how they are going to cope or feel or even understand. I just hope that his life has not been for nothing and that we can all learn from this. I hope my children realise that bullies can cause such tragic repercussions. 

Cruel words and actions may seem like just part of school life but they are not and just look what they can cause. Such words and actions have driven a little boy to end his own life. His family are now left with such sorrow and emptiness. My heart goes out to them!

Tears fall endlessly, your name remains in my mind.
You were such a gentle boy, so caring and kind.
A sensitive soul who often got upset
By the words and actions of others.
I never knew how bad it had got.
To make you leave your sisters and brothers.

I hope those bullies are ashamed
I hope they now feel your pain.
I hope they understand that through their actions
Our lives will never be the same.

Your life will be remembered, your smile will stay alive
Your life has ended far too soon but we will not lose our drive.
We will all try harder with kindness, we will all do our best
We will go on but for you sweet child. I hope that you can now rest.

Rest In Peace Aaron. We will never forget you. Another life ended before it's truly begun.
God will take care of you now. xxx