My Family

My Family

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

If money and space was no object...

If Money and space was no object..

I'd buy one of these!

How amazing! It's beyond words I can say.
If my kids came home to that in the garden, imagine the happy play.
We used to have a trampoline but sadly it's no more
This is no little trampoline, this is what we dream for.

This is my favourite Outdoor Toy
this ones simply the best.
This ones amazing
Better than all the rest!

I have 3 kids, but I'd be the biggest of all
Fun at it's best, it's safest, protected with walls.
Slides, ball pits as well, jumping fun galore
Basic jumping made better, we'd love this for sure.

This Storm 15ft Misty Kingdom Bouncy Castle costs £344.95 and is available from There's lots more outdoor toys too choose from too!

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