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My Family

Monday, 7 January 2013

Panasonic's latest rechargeable eneloop battery.

Sanyo, recently purchased by Panasonic, have launched its rechargeable battery range eneloop. eneloop is a long life, pre-charged, energy and money saving, recyclable  rechargeable battery which can be charged up to 1800 times. With an eneloop battery in the house never again will you have to face the age old problem of 'batteries not included'.  The eneloop is perfect for the kids now that they have unwrapped all of their Christmas toys as well as Dad who no doubt received new electric razors and other related items. Nearly everything nowadas needs batteries so what better than batteries you can recharge and reuse over and over again. They could save you a small fortune, just image reusing a battery 1800 times instead of having to re buy new ones every time they run out!

My favourite feature about the eneloop battery that makes them a little different is the fact that they come in a range of 8 differnt colours, how cool is that. Funk up your batteries with eneloop!

What more can I say? If you want fun, bright coloured batteries that you can recharge and reuse up to 1800 times then eneloop could be the battery for you.

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