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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Give Your Music Some Soul With The Jabra SoleMate


The Jabra Solemate has a fantastic portable Size with  Massive Sound.

Introducing the new Jabra Solemate – the go-anywhere, do-anything portable speaker with massive sound that lets you take your music everywhere. It's Epic!
They're available in Black and White and cost around £120.00 on Amazon but what can it do?

It may look small but it sounds big. It can connect to almost anything and works wired or wirelessly. It's made to be tough so that you can take your Solemate anywhere. It has a powerful sound with 3 front-facing speakers that will transform your music, movies and games. Amp up your conversations with it's speaker phone capability and enjoy it all night long as you'll get up to 8 hours of continuous play. It comes with a durable sound bag for added outdoor protection, perfect for sandy beaches or strong blowing winds.

 Say hello to the ultimate entertainment center, the Solemate doesn’t stop at music. Connect to your phone and you’ve got your own personal speaker phone. Take your video chats to the next level by using Solemate with Skype, Google Talk, and other video chat services. Or you can give your music, movie and games the ultimate sound by using Solemate to transform your computer or tablet into a portable cinema, stereo or arcade.

I've been testing the Jabra Solemate for myself over the past few weeks and I'm excited to tell you how awesome it really is. When I first saw it, I did wonder why the price for it was so high but after having a long play with it, it's easy too see. It's very easy too use and simple too set up. Connecting it to your required device, in my case my phone was so easy. It connected easily via Bluetooth in seconds and was ready to go. 

The Jabra Solemate sounds amazing! This small speaker contains: 120 - 20000 Hz, 1x 4 Ohm 2 inch mid/woofer, 2x 8 Ohm ¾ inch soft dome tweeters, 1x 1 x 4 inch Jabra designed passive bass radiator inside. No wonder the sound is so good! You just can't help but turn it up loud!

When ever I go on holiday I always have to have music to relax too. Lying on the beach just wouldn't be the same without it although using my phone has never really been very loud I must admit but it did the job. Any music was always better than no music at all. With the Jabra Soulmate you would be able too enjoy your music in the best possible way. Loud and Proud! I am so excited to take it with me on my next holiday, with it's protection pouch which is included it's going to be: Dust proof, shock proof and splash proof - Perfect for using on the beach.

I LOVE this speaker, It's the best portable speaker I've seen so far. The Jabra Solemate is fantastic, it's hard wearing and tough yet lightweight and small enough too carry around. Although it's small, don't let it's size fool you as it's sound is pretty big. Here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries the Jabra Solemate gets a very well deserved 5/5. It works so well as it is, I wouldn't have to change a thing even if I could. (Well a Pink one might be nice for us girly girls)

We played around with ours the other night and I tried to film some of the fun so you could get an idea of what it's like. I apologise now for the chaotic scene but you'l get the idea.

If you have any questions about the Jabra Solemate, please don't hesitate to ask.