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My Family

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Children Say The Silliest Of Things!

Children Say The Silliest Of Things!

These ^^^ are my three beautiful children, Chloe (10) Lily (5) and Ryan (2). They're each very different and all very special in their own way but sometimes they do say the silliest of things.

Just the other week whilst I was cooking dinner Lily came into the kitchen and saw me peeling the potatoes and walked out again. I continues to chop those potatoes and then put them into our Actifry to make chips. As I served Lily her dinner she kind of looked up at me strangely and then said "Mummy I though we were having potatoes for dinner?" "Yes we have" I replied. "But these are chips Mummy!" I couldn't help but laugh as I tried to explain that indeed they were chips but chips were made from potatoes. She's so silly.

My eldest child Chloe is quite sensible and grown up for age so she doesn't really talk to much at all but my middle child Lily is such a silly sausage. We could be watching TV when a new toy advert would come on. She's beam with excitement shouting " Can I have that Mummy?" quickly followed by "What is it?" Oh dear, she's a right one my Lily is. She does make me smile. I'm hoping these silly things she says are just a phase that eventually she will grow out of or god help the man who has to put up with her one day. She'l be hard work lol.

My youngest child Ryan is such a sweetie, he's the caring, cuddly one (for now) he doesn't yet say silly things but he tends to do silly things instead. Like blowing raspberries at us when he's angry instead of saying what he wants too. He often walks around with his potty on his head singing random songs, thankfully the potty is always empty or that could be messy. He falls asleep with lollipops in his mouth and jumps around like a little kangaroo. He's a HUGE Peppa Pig fan and thinks it's now normal to call me "Mummy Pig" My mum thought it was hilarious the other day until he called her "Granny Pig" now that was funny. I think we will have to cut down on watching Peppa Pig so much for a while. I'm not sure I like being called Mummy Pig.

My three often do or say some very silly things but I guess it's those little things which brighten up my days and make me smile with joy. I wouldn't change any of them for the world.

What silly things do your little ones say or do?

Monday, 28 January 2013

Meet Spike Our Blow Fish PaddlePak From @Trunki

Meet Spike Our Blow Fish PaddlePak

PaddlePak is a new and exciting water resistant backpack for little explorers. It prevents damp swimming gear leaking through after trips to the pool, and keeps contents dry on day trips! It's made from a lightweight and durable material and has a roll down top seal that uses the same innovation as adult outdoor bags. It features the patent pending break-away safety buckle, reflective trim and the Trunki grip to keep sunglasses or goggles close to hand. It also has a tail fin that doubles as a functional pocket for small valuables. PaddlePak is the perfect partner for those days out, school trips and family visits to the beach or pool.
Ryan was sent his very own Spike - Blow fish PaddlePak to play with last week. He was delighted when it arrived, It's really bright and fun looking which is great to get the kids attention. The cute Spike fish design is very loveable and the PaddlePak itself is just so clever. It's a very funky bag that not only keeps the wetness out or in depending on what you're using it for but it also has lots of added fun features like the toggle clip, hidden fin zip pocket and safe roll down top. Ryan loves his new fishy friend, what's not too love! 

Spike is just one of the new Trunki Tropical range, there's 5 exciting designs in total. You can choose from Ribbit the Frog, Inky the Octopus, Pinch the Lobster, Chuckles the Clown Fish or Spike the Blow Fish! Each is brightly coloured and unique in it's own way. I love them all, they're just so cute.

Check out Ryan showing of his new friend Spike:

Here at Mummy Of 3 Diaries we are already huge fans of Trunki and their fun filled products. The new PaddlePaks are no different, they are well made, beautifully designed and built for fun. We scored our Spike PaddlePak a well deserved 5/5. My girls were so impressed that they both want a new tropical friend too. A huge Thumbs Up from Ryan.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Cuffs Of Love Cord Bracelet ~ #Valentines Review @findmeagift

Cuffs Of Love Cord Bracelet. The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

These i.d x-change Cuffs of Love Bracelets are the hottest friendship jewellery to hit America. We at Find Me a Gift wanted to bring some of these awesome string bracelets to the UK and show you what all the fuss is about! With a 14 carat white gold plate handcuff closure and designed by Igal Dahan, they are adjustable and can be worn by men women and children! Symbolizing being 'locked by love' they make ideal stocking fillers and friendship bracelets for girls or women. There's a black edition perfect for men too so no ones left out.

They normally retail at £34.99 but are currently on sale for just £19.99 which is fantastic. They are cool, stylish and very pretty. They have a cord bracelet with a 14 carat white gold plated handcuffs as a closure! You can choose between Medium, Small and X Small to fit adults or children. The clasps get larger throughout the size range (e.g. small handcuff on the Extra Small bracelet, larger ones on the Medium) Their cords can be extended or tightened to fit your wrist. They really are perfect for everyone as they can be made to adjust too each persons individual needs. They are pretty funky, I know I love mine.

I was kindly sent a Cuffs Of Love Cord Bracelet in Pink so that I could see it for myself before I wrote this review. I always like to check out the goods first so I can then pass on my honest opinions and thoughts about it. In this case I can't wait to show it off to you all. They are stunning, the cords are brightly coloured and the clasps are shiny and well fitting. I've been wearing mine for a whole week now and it's not slipped off or come undone at all. I love pink so this was the perfect colour for me, It now sits proudly next to my other bracelet. They do look nice as a pair.

How pretty is that! I would have been very happy to have been given this for my Valentines Day present. It's very pretty and oh so gorgeous. It's really a lovely piece of jewellery and I'm proud to wear it every day. I don't think I'll be taking it off any time soon either, just look how good they sit together. They're a match made in heaven. I can always count on Find Me A Guft to find me the perfect gift solution no matter what the occasion. With their huge selection of gifts and gadgets galore you really are spoilt for choice. You can check out all the Valentines Gifts for yourself. I wonder what you're going to buy your loved one this Valentines Day? I have no idea just yet but I do know that I will be checking out Find Me A Gifts selection first.

Thank you Find Me A Gift for my gorgeous Cuffs Of Love Cord Bracelet, It's awesome. But now as awesome as your site - Corny but true! Mummy Of 3 Diaries is a huge fan of Find Me A Gift so take my advice and pop over and see them soon. 

Go Hamper Crazy With The All Occasion Sweet Shop

Go Hamper Crazy With The All Occasion Sweet Shop 

The All Occasion Sweet Shop is a family-run business which represents an on-line version of an earlier old fashioned sweet shop they had based in Lancashire. When they opened their original sweet shop it was done so with the intention of providing people locally with somewhere great to visit which would evoke wonderful childhood memories. Throughout the 1960`s and 70`s the shop itself, was known then as `Old Fred`s Toffee Shop`, had been a favourite calling place of one of the older partners now of the All Occasion Sweet Shop.

Their huge success of this business over the years is what has led them now into the magical world of on-line trading, but their philosophy in running the business remains exactly the same as Old Fred`s philosophy all those years ago .... brighten up the dullest of days ……. to put a smile on the face of all who visit us ……. and to help make and revive some wonderful memories !!

It all sounds delightful, when I was asked to check out the site and sample a lovely hamper for myself I was over joyed. Well who wouldn't be? Looking through the Sweet Hampers brings back so many wonderful childhood memories, there was every kind of sweet you could possible want for. I was like a kid in a candy store all over again! Let me show you some of my favourites from the site, be warned: They may make your mouth water.

Fabulous Birthday Party Sweet Hamper designed to get your party off to a fab start. It comes in Medium and Large and comes full of all your family favourites from Dip Dabs to Flying Saucers. Rainbow Drops to Love Hearts. I like this one as it also comes with Happy Birthday Banner, Sweet-Filled Balloons, Pass The Parcel Packs, Made Up Party Bags, Coloured Balloons and Streamer Balloons, Your Party really does come made for £32.95.

There's unbelievable value for money in this regular sized retro sweet hamper for all occasions which is packed full of retro sweet goodies. For £17.95 you will get more jelly for your belly with this one. It's full of Retro classics like Fruit Salads, Blackjacks and so much more. This one is the perfect choice for any one, it has a little bit of everything and comes in a plain hamper suitable for all. Young or old, boy or girl. It would be gratefully received by all.

Treat the one you love this Valentine`s Day with this amazing range of Valentine`s Retro Sweets direct from the sweet shop shelf all packed neatly into this amazing wooden gift box ! This one has some of my favourite sweets of all time in, Kola Kubes, Strawberry Candy Sour Belts, Haribo Rings and Giant Strawberries. This is definitely my favourite of them all. It's just full of yummy sweets and it comes in a romantic pretty pink paper covering. I'd be delighted if I received a hamper like this on Valentines Day and for just £29.95 it's worth every penny!

This one is the cheapest of the hamper collection but it's not to be sniffed at. It's a Glittering Retro Sweet Gift Box filled with all the retro sweet favourites. This smaller gift box is just perfect for the kiddies in your life as it still contains a nice selection of sweets but comes in smaller proportions. For just £12.94 it will bring a smile to their face and won't break the bank either.

You can check out all the SWEET HAMPERS for yourself. There really is a wonderful selection and something perfect for every occasion and every one. Have a look today.

Last but not least I'd like to show you my hamper that I received for the purpose of this review. It was awesome! Filled with so many different sweeties and goodies. It's going to take us a good while to get through them all, there's 4 of us and it's still not going down fast. 

It came well wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap which the kids have now claimed to play with. Inside here was a beautiful wicker hamper basket lined with green paper and neatly parceled. 

This is what we saw when we lifted the paper: wow!

Lets have a closer look at all the sweets and goodies:

The All Occasion Sweet Shop really did bring a smile to my face and to the those of my three children too. Their hampers are delightful, they're well though out and full to the brim. They contain a lovely selection of sweets and are really filled with love. I am so pleased with my hamper and really cannot fault them. They run a wonderful site and do a fantastic job.

Check out The All Occasion Sweet Shop Today.

#SilentSunday 27/01/13

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

All you need is Love Hearts

All you need is Love Hearts

After a record breaking 150 million rolls of Love Hearts were sold last year, nothing says 
‘be mine’ quite like a quintessential romantic treat from Swizzels Matlow.
The makers of the classic confectionery, have launched their Valentine’s Day collection, which includes a limited edition heart-shaped tin and an ‘I Love You’ tube of sweets.

Only 100,000 vintage style tins, full of Mini Love Hearts, have been produced and are destined to become a collector’s item. The 100g tins are available nationwide and have an RRP of £2.49 

Last year’s sell out success - a 108g Love Hearts tube 
that reads ‘I Love You’ - is back at a special promotional price of £1.  

Love Hearts Mini Roll bag 
consisting of 12 Mini Love Hearts rolls, with an RRP of £1.

325g Love Hearts sweet tub containing 30 Mini Love Hearts 
rolls, with an RRP of £3.

There is also an exclusive range of online Love Hearts gifts available at 
Type ‘LOVE15’ to claim a 15 per cent discount on all gifts.

I love Daddy Balloon Bouquet #Review

I love Daddy Balloon Bouquet 


Valentines Day is not far off now, who will you be saying "I Love You" to this year? Your partner, husband or wife? Maybe your Mum or Dad? Who ever you're planning on buying for this year, why not say your "I Love You" with a pretty bouquet of balloons from My 1st Years.Com?

Featuring a 'I Love Daddy' red balloon along with 2 plain silver balloons, all helium filled and tied with ribbons and weights. What a delightful gift it would make for your loved one. Tell Daddy those special three words in style - and bring a smile to his face on Valentines Day with this gorgeous balloon bouquet! (Costs £20) 

We were lucky enough to be sent our very own I Love Daddy Balloon Bouquet (for the purpose of this review) which arrived in a huge box yesterday, It was all very exciting. 

As you can see, my son Ryan had a fantastic time opening the big box. We didn't think Daddy would mind too much. It was lovely to see the balloons come floating up once we'd opened it.

The balloons were a good size and very bright. They were good quality and very shiny. They were presented very nicely tied with a pretty white ribbon and a bracelet style weight at the end.
Daddy was delighted when he saw the, but I'm not sure Ryan is very happy about giving them up. Daddy said he would share so Ryan is happy again, he loves balloons.

Mummy Of 3 Diaries loved the I Love Daddy Balloon Bouquet. It's truly delightful. If you're partner loves balloons then this gift would be the perfect choice for them this Valentines Day.

Ryan loves balloons but there is one thing that he loves more - Big Boxes!

My 1st Years Valentines Gift Guide

My 1st Years

 Valentines Gift Guide

My 1st Years.Com has a lovely variety of gifts suitable for all this Valentines Day. 

There's cute cuddly personalised Teddy Bears  like this "(Name) Heart (Name) Teddy" from £20. How sweet is he. The perfect gift for Mummy or Daddy from the kids maybe.

How about a I Heart My Mug which can also be personalise for you. For just £10 this gorgeous Bone China keepsake could be just what you're looking for.

Fancy something a little bit different, then these stunning balloon boquets could be what you need. The I love Daddy Balloon Bouquet costs £20 and comes with three beautifully inflated balloons with an I love You message on. It's very sweet.

My 1st Years.Com has a lovely selection of personalised gifts for you this Valentines Day.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Monster High: A double dose of ghoul power! #Review & #Giveaway

Monster High: A double dose of ghoul power!

The monsters are back with their latest misadventures in ‘Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love’ and ‘Friday Night Frights’ available on double-disc DVD and Blu-Ray from 21st January 2013.

In the latest instalment from the popular Monster High  franchise, we find out whether Draculaura’s bestie ghoulfriends can help her make an important decision in time for her big sweet sixteen hundredth birthday party in Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love, and if the ghouls win the battle to restore school spirit in Monster High: Friday Night Frights.

My girls and I thoroughly enjoyed watching both of these last night, luckily for us we were allowed to see an early preview disk (sent for the purpose of this review) The stories are fun and very sweet. The characters are fantastic and the Graphics are great. We had a great time watching them and really grew attached to some of the characters, so much so that my girls have requested we now buy a few more DVD's from the Monster High range. This is the first time that we had seen  Monster High, but it definitely won't be the last! How cool are they!

The New and Exciting 'Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love’ and ‘Friday Night Frights’ will be available on double-disc DVD and Blu-Ray from tomorrow - the 21st January 2013. For those of who who would like to win a copy for free, please check out the next part.

I have 3 copies of this awesome DVD up for grabs just for you. To Enter simply fill in the rafflecopter form below before Sunday the 3rd February. It's that simple!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

#SilentSunday 20/01/2013

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Goodyear's Young Driver #Competition

Goodyear has announced its support of Young Driver;  a road safety initiative that gets youngsters behind the wheel before they turn 17.

With over 15 centres nationwide, including Birmingham, NEC  the programme sets out to reduce the number of road accidents involving young drivers by giving them tuition in a controlled and safe environment.

Young Driver was established in 2009 following research by the Swedish Government that showed a 41% reduction in accident rates among those that had been given early driving training.  Since then, over 40,000 youngsters have been put through the Young Driver training programme.

Goodyear has an ongoing commitment to improve road safety.  Alongside Young Driver, the leading tyre brand is also campaigning to teach secondary school children the Highway Code to enrich the National Curriculum. 

For more information visit or

To celebrate Goodyear’s partnership with Young Driver I have 30 one hour Young Driver lessons up for grabs.  That's 5 one hour lessons each for 6 winners! 

For your chance to win, simply tell me, When was Young Driver established? Was it..

a) 2009 
b) 2010
c) 2011


You will need to head over to my Facebook page > Mummy Of 3 Diaries where you can enter using the Competition App at the top of the page. I've done it this way as not everyone quite understands blogs and I wanted to give everyone a chance to win.

Please note answers written on the blog will not be counted, you need to use the facebook app to be in the draw. Good Luck.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I want to tell you about my Graco Evo #GuestPost

I want to tell you about my Graco Evo
Guest Post by Karen Hunter Lancaster

I thought I would tell you about my lovely Graco Evo travel system. I have had numerous pushchairs over the years and I was pleasantly surprised by how fantastic the Evo is for a fraction of the price of competitors. I have the Evo in Sand. I am using it with my 5 week old little girl. With this it came with frame, seat (from 6 mths), carry cot, rain cover and car seat. I have to say it was extremely easy to put together. In total it took me less than 15 minutes from getting out of the box. When you assemble the you need to click on the front wheels and feed the back wheels onto the frame. Here I had slight difficulty getting the little pins in as I have long nails but it only took a couple minutes and was simple once in the pins were in the correct position. That's it your ready to go. The frame is so simple to fold and it folds really small! It looks fantastic. You can have the seat forward or rear facing. Huge plus is all the covers come off so you can pop them in the wash when needed. The handle is easy for 1 handed manoeuvrability which is needed in my case as I have a 4 and 2 year old in tow. When I took it out into town I tried out various types of surfaces. It handled a dream. So easy to turn around, lift to go up curbs and even with plastic types worked well over cobbles. The frame is very sturdy and made to last. The seats are easily swapped around. The mechanisms are simple and only take a couple of clicks. I know this will last me for years. 

Overall if you are looking for a fantastic value for money pushchair with many features of a top of the range pushchair (hideously over priced) this is definitely the one. Well done Graco!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Switch & Save With Poundland

Switch To Poundland And See What You Could Save.

To start the New Year off with a bang, Poundland have a huge range of Amazing Value products that everyone will love! They have some fantastic deals on Essential Shopping items  that will help you spend less whilst enjoying their great TOP BRANDS. Check out these pages to view their Food and Drink ranges or head into your local store today!

I usually do my weekly essentials shopping at my local supermarket, not because it's cheap but simply because it's local. When I was asked if I would like too switch to Poundland too see how much I could save, I more than happily accepted too take on the challenge. I was given a £15 voucher too visit my local store to spend. My mission was too check out their new household Essential Shopping items and see how much cheaper they were too. 

Today I did just that and I'm very excited too show you all how I got on. I had planned on heading to my local supermarket this morning as my supplies were running a little low but instead I popped into my local Poundland store on Erdington High Street to do my shopping there instead. I walked in a little sceptical, thinking there was no way that I was going to be able too get everything that I needed here for just a pound but I was pleasantly surprised.

Walking around the store, there are lots of bargains to be had. If you are on a Weight Watchers diet then Poundland could save you a small fortune as they now stock the Weight Watchers brand too and at just £1 a product, that's so much cheaper than the big stores.

Save on big brands like PG Tips, KitKat Coca Cola and lots more..

There's loads of big brands in the breakfast isle, you can make savings on Weetabix, Ready brek and so much more..

So, what did I  put in my basket? Let me show you:

  1. Multi pack of 6 x Cheese Quavers
  2. 375g box of Choc Wheetos Cereal
  3. Peppa Pig Pocket Tissues x 8 Packets
  4. 6 Pack of Warburtons white sandwich thins
  5. 100g bag of Cadburys mini eggs
  6. 2 Ltr carton of Semi skimmed milk
  7. 5 packet boxof Weetabix Weetos Cereal bars
  8. 2 x 300ml bottles of Fruit shoots
  9. 85g Gourmet Beef Cat Food Pouch x 3 (3 for a £1)
  10. 85g Gourmet Chicken Cat Food Pouch x 3 (3 for a £1)
  11. Whiskas Temptations Beef
  12. 95g Maxwell House Coffee
  13. Box of 70 Bags PG Tips Tea
  14. 3 pack of Hartleys Strawberry Jellys
  15. 600g loaf of Warburtons white toastie bread

I got all of the above for just £15, I left the store feeling very pleased with myself indeed. I must have saved myself a good few pounds with this little lot. I bought a similar shopping list last week (give or take a few items) which cost me over £20. I think I will continue too buy my bits in Poundland in the future as there was a nice selection too choose from which still included all my favourite big brands. If you like big brands at small prices then you need to get yourself down to your local Poundland store and check them all out for yourself.

I'm so glad that I switched and saved with Poundland.