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My Family

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

WANTED: Sour Patch Kids

WANTED: Sour Patch Kids

Have you seen the Sour Patch Kids? They were last seen in my kitchen about three hours ago! I opened the bag and the mischievous little fellas legged it. There's five tantalising zingy guys including orange, lemon, raspberry, lime and blackcurrant. If you see them, you must return them to me right away as they're yummy and they're mine. Each fun-loving character’s unique taste offers a tongue twisting sour sensation, followed by a mouth-watering fruity flavour to end on a sweet note. 

They're Causing chaos with our taste buds, it is sour…sweet…then gone!

ARGH I need them back.  I need them ALL back right now.

Maynards Sour Patch Kids will be wreaking havoc on shop shelves from 24th September with a RRP of £1.52 for a sharing bag (160g) and just 50p for the smaller bag (45g).

You will be able to enjoy your own so if you do see mine, then please send them back this way. Tell them Mummy misses them and promises NOT to eat them. (YES that's a lie)

I guess they really are SOUR and SWEET and then GONE!

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