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Monday, 1 October 2012

My Very First Claireabella #SoExcited

My Very First Claireabella Bag

I am so excited that I can now say "I own a Claireabella Polo Bag" and Isn't it GORGEOUS. I have seen many a gorgeous Claireabella design over on Twitter, I get very jealous seeing all the amazing originals that people tweet pictures of. I have admired them from afar for several months knowing that I couldn't quite afford to buy one for myself. A few weeks ago Toxic Fox offered me my very own Polo Jute Bag so that I could check them out. I was so excited I almost squealed with delight, It's a good job emails don't have sound or the poor guy on the receiving end would have been deafened. Last Friday morning I was so excited when I saw that my very own Claireabella bag had arrived. Here it was and it really was all mine! 

The Polo Fashion Bag measures 21cm wide by 15cm high with a 10cm gusset and jute handles. It might be small but it's might cute! My bag wasn't personalised as it's a sample but I don't really care, I still love it anyway! The hand painted girl is lovely, she has long blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She's wearing a pink dress with pretty pink bows it too. She has amazingly long, dark eyelashes and lots of glamorous sparkle. This bag is very glitzy and oh so glam. It's adorable and I've fallen in love with it already. I find myself just looking at it, It's such a gorgeous piece of Arm Candy. I'm having to fight off my daughters who both now have their eye on it. For now, it's been hidden away out of their reach. Get your own Claireabella bag girls, this one is Mummy's! I had a good feel of the bag which seems very sturdy and I even had a little tug at the bows to make sure they were stuck on well, which they were I'm pleased to say. They won't be falling off any time soon which is great news. Even better news is that these Claireabella Polo Jute Bags are affordable to all. They can be personalise to your own liking for just £24.99. I always thought that Claireabella bags would cost a small fortune but I was so wrong. Over at Toxic Fox they have Claireabella bags of all sizes and styles to suit all budgets.

So to conclude, Thank You so much Toxic Fox. I am going to LOVE you FOREVER! I have already been checking out your site and now have my eye on a Claireabella hoody too. I'm afraid to say it BUT once you get a Claireabella I think you will be addicted and need/want more! I know I do already, I'm so excited about getting my very own created. Maybe I'll show it too you once it arrives, aw Of course I will. Eeek I have a Claireabella!

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  1. Great post -I need to show it to my husband as I got very excited recently over a bag but he just doesn't get it. He keeps telling me it is just a bag but for us mums to have something nice that makes us feel good is so special really. X