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My Family

Monday, 24 September 2012

Will Baby Annabell be on your list this Christmas?

Zapf Creations - Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell is a baby up to 12 months old and reacts like a real baby thanks to her amazing lifelike functions like a real baby. Baby Annabell is just like a real baby, with realistic baby sounds and movement. She babbles, gurgles and sucks on her dummy. When drinking from her bottle she makes sounds and her mouth really moves. Lay Baby Annabell down and gently touch her cheeks, she will yawn and fall asleep. Most of the time she is happy but if she is woken by a noise she cries real tears. 
With a wide range of accessories the whole role play concerning love, care and responsibility is rounded off perfectly. Because of the very realistic behaviour patterns, this branded play concept encourages the development of social skills of children playing with Baby Annabell lovingly taking care of her. 

 My Lily (aged 5) has her ups and downs with dolls, one minute she can't get enough of them and then the next, she's just not interested. I was excited to see how she would react to this gorgeous new Baby Annabell doll. She arrives in a beautifully illustrated box and comes dressed in a sweet little baby grow outfit and hat. This new interactive Baby Annabell doll is very sweet, every little girls dream. Lily's eyes lit up when she saw her, I could straight away that she would be smitten, for a while at least. This Baby Annabell retails at £44.99 which is about average for a doll of this quality. She's very well made and so beautiful. She looks, feels and reacts just like a real baby. I know I would have loved a dolly like this when I was little.

Baby Annabell is so loveable, what little girl wouldn't want to love her and look after her? I'm sure she's going to be on a lot of Christmas lists this year. If she does end up on yours, I'd buy early to avoid disappointment as they often tend to sell out. 

Mummy Of 3 Diaries tester Lily has given Baby Annabell a huge 5/5. She's perfect! Lily and I don't agree very often but on this occasion, I would have too. Baby Annabell so just too adorable to resist. If I was a little younger, I know I would definitely want one myself.

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