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My Family

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The MEEP Launch!

The MEEP Launch

Last Wednesday Ryan and I was kindly invited to the UK launch of a brand new Android based kids tablet. The MEEP, I was so excited by this invite that I travelled all the way to London from Birmingham just to be there for an hour and I'm so glad that I did! Not only did Ryan and I have a great day out travelling on his favourite type of transport "Trains" but we also got to check out an awesome new gadget that from the 1st of October is going to be loved by all.

I am a HUGE Android fan, just in case you didn't know. Mummy LOVES everything Android so I was very excited about this event. I've been thinking about getting my middle daughter Lily a tablet for Christmas as she's always trying to get hold of my iPad but I wasn't quite sure which one I should go for. The kids ones can often look quite child like which she's didn't want, she wanted one "Just like Mummies". The MEEP Tablet is so much more grown up looking, it does have a plastic casing for added drop protection but this can be removed to leave a very grown up looking tab, just like mummies. As soon as I saw the MEEP, I just knew it was the tablet I needed. Lily (aged 5) was going to love it. With all the features of a grown up tablet but with complete parental control, I was sold.

The MEEP Launch for me was a fantastic day, I got to meet lots of lovely people from all over the country and of course there was lots of Tea and Amazing Cakes! Oh My God was there cakes! Gorgeous, Delicious, Beautiful Cakes. I was in Cake heaven!

Even though there was cakes everywhere, I must admit that I was so good and only had one. Yes, that's right - I had one cake! They were so cute, way to lovely to eat. The room was also filled with balloons and jars of yummy sweets. It was every childs dream come true. It was like being in a candy shop, there was even little Pic n Mix bags to take your sweets home. Awesome!

I got to play with a MEEP and check out some of it's awesome new accessories. I must admit, I could quite happily see myself playing with this tablet. When my kids have gone to bed of course. After watching a video and seeing a quick demo and enjoying lots of chat it was sadly time to head home but not without a fantastic goody bag we were handed. I was given the most amazing gift bag ever. It had a sweet blue balloon tied to it and inside there it was: our very own MEEP! Eeek ~ Lily is going to be so happy when she sees it! 

I don't think Ryan even minded not getting his hands on the MEEP just yet, he was just happy to be on a "Choo Choo" as he calls them. Thank you so much to Focus PR who invites us to this awesome event. We both had such a great time, a true event to remember!

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