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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Smoby Be Fun Sport Line Trike #Review

Be Fun Sport Line Trike

The Smoby Be Fun Sport Line Trike from Kidsplaystore is a sweet little Trike aimed at kids aged 15 months and over. My little man Ryan is 26 months and  just couldn't wait to get his hands on this little treat. We were kindly sent our very own Smoby Be Fun Sport Line Trike (for free) for the purpose of this review a few weeks ago. I must express first off that all the opinions and views I give are not influenced by this and are entirely honest.

The Trike has a sturdy metal frame featuring a large seat with a safety harness. Many trikes today don't seem to have any form of safety harness so this was a good point for me. The harness is a simple one which goes around his waist but it's an effective one and does the job it's put there to do which is all that matters.  

The front wheel is fitted with a free wheel facility which makes it easy to steer and control and for extra parent control this trike includes a height adjustable and removable parent handle. Ryan quite likes to push it around himself but he has much more fun when he's being pushed in it!

 For an extra cute factor this trike also has a bin at the back of the trike to transport those toys around! This comes in handy for carrying Ryan's juice bottle as he likes to put it in there.

The Smoby Be Fun Sport Line Trike came in a box in lots of pieces but I did put it together all by myself and if I can do it, then anyone can as I'm not very good when it comes to putting things together. It took me about 40 minutes but the instructions were really easy to follow and the parts were easy to connect. For the retail price of just £22.99 this really is a great little trike. You get so much fun for the money! Ryan loves his new trike and I'm pretty happy with it too. The only small thing I would improve would be the parent handle has no control over the steering but for £22.99 I really can't complain. It just means I have to trust Ryan's steering or stop and point him in the right direction. The Smoby Be Fun Sport Line Trike is a fantastic buy and worth every penny. It looks great in it's sporty Red, white and black design and really is lots of fun.

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