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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Meet Lovely Lottie - Snow Queen Doll #Review

Lovely Lottie - Snow Queen Doll

Meet Lottie, she’s super cute and great fun to play with. Most of the time you’ll find her outdoors, playing in the garden, taking part in a pony flag race, on big country walks with her dog, Biscuit the Beagle, or going to a cool festival. She’s small with a height of 7” (18cm) and super cute, so you can take her anywhere – she loves to do new things and see new places. If there’s a chance to climb a tree, jump in a puddle, get muddy or kick piles of autumn leaves around in the park, you can be sure Lottie will be right there! Her beautiful hair is really soft and strokable and she loves to dress up in fancy dress or go and do ballet. She’s got lot lots of pretty clothes to choose from too – in fact, she dresses a lot like you! All her clothes and accessories have lots of fun details you’ll love. 

Whatever you decide to do with Lottie you know you can always be bold, be brave, be you!

There are six different Lottie Dolls to collect, including the lovely Snow Queen Lottie who we received last week to review. She is simply adorable. She comes is a beautifully designed Snow scene painted box and comes ready dressed in a gorgeous pale blue and white Snow Queen dress with Tiara. She also has her very own little bag and a beautiful sparkling silver masquerade ball mask.

Snow Queen Lottie is now being very happily cared for by my five year old daughter Lily. Lily is not a huge fan of dolls but she is a huge fan of princesses and queens so this Snow Queen Lottie has been gratefully received. I'm not quite sure if they'l be jumping in any muddy puddles or playing outside in the leaves as Lily is much more interested in taking Lottie to parties and having more girly fun indoors where it's nice and clean. I don't think Lily is too keen on the idea of Snow Queen Lotties dress getting dirty. I'm sure what ever adventures they do have, both Lottie and Lily will have an amazing time.

 Lily loves her new Snow Queen Lottie doll, I might have to get her another from the Lottie collection to go with it. Snow Queen Lottie gets a 5/5 from Lily and a very well deserved 4/5 from Mummy Of 3 Diaries. Why not check out the Lottie Dolls for yourself.

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