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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's Wine O'Clock @findmeagift Style

Verseur Multi Tool Corkscrew 

After a stressful day in the Mummy Of 3 Diaries household, Mummy occasionally winds down with a glass of chilled wine for which she calls "Wine O'Clock". It's Mummies time to relax and take a few minutes for herself, once the kids are all asleep in their beds of course. I don't drink wine very often which means I tend to waste a lot of it. I open a bottle, have one glass and then leave the rest on the side to be  neglected and forgotten about. Well, that was the old Mummy! The new Mummy has got a fabulous new friend from Find Me A Gift who's come to rescue me, from myself mainly. Check out the awesome Verseur Multi Tool Corkscrew.

About the product: 
Has a Single-motion cork screw mechanism to slide out the cork preventing tugging.

Multifunctional wine utensil.

On-board black rubber stopper for preserving leftovers.

Made from stainless steel and black rubber.

Suitable for wine lovers.

Flawless and easy-to-use.

The Verseur Corkscrew is a multi-component wine utensil that allows you to open, serve and protect your favourite bottles of wine. The Reddot 2012 Award winner Verseur has an on-board bottle opener, foil cutter, pourer and a tight-fitting stopper. How awesome is that?

For a gadget loving, Wine drinking Mummy this is a perfect gift idea. If I received this wonderful gadget as a Christmas gift, I know I'd be one happy Mummy. Well, lucky for me I'm already one happy Mummy as the lovely people over at Find Me A Gift sent me my very own Verseur Corkscrew to try out (for the purpose of this review). 

Here's how I got on:

I took one bottle of wine and one Verseur Corkscrew and ended up with a perfectly filled glass of delicious wine! Well, you kind of knew that was going to be the case. The good news is though that with the easy to use attachments, I was not only able to open my bottle easily and quickly. I was also able to pour it smoothly and then seal it back up afterwards to preserve it for another time. Now, that's what I call impressive. The Verseur Corkscrew is everything I need for Wine O'Clock and more! There will be no more left over, wasted wine in my house from now on. The Verseur Corkscrew has saved the day, well it's made my wine last to see another day anyway.


To conclude, the Verseur Corkscrew is a fantastic little wine drinking gadget. It has my full appreciation and a well deserved 5/5 rating. It so easy to use and looks great. It's every wine drinkers dream, or at least mine. If you're struggling to buy your ones a gift this Christmas then why not check out Find Me A Gift, there really is something for everyone.

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