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Monday, 24 September 2012

iBallz The Ultimate Tablet Protection

The Ultimate Tablet Protection
As the world becomes increasingly tech savvy, more focus is placed on the development of ICT in schools and colleges. Many schools and local authorities in the United Kingdom have turned to the use of Apple and Android tablets as a classroom aid, using specially designed applications to enhance core learning and to incorporate advanced technology into learners’ everyday lives. My daughters primary school is just one of the schools to have incorporated tablets into learning practices. Her school has used the iPad to target mathematical learning in foundation years and are rolling this out to other subjects and older year groups due to the success of the technological investment. There is no denying that investing in technology requires a significant financial outlay and with tablets changing hands of pupils of all age ranges on a daily basis the devices need to be not only user-friendly but highly protected too.

iBallz has created a range of shock absorbing harnesses and cases for iPads and other popular tablets to ensure that these educational tools will withstand drops and  remain safe from sticky surfaces or surrounding spillages. iBallz Original, SSP £19.99, features four shock-absorbing balls that fit over the corners of a 10inch tablet and are held in place with an elasticated cord. The balls keep the tablet elevated from any flat surface meaning that your tablet will not make contact with the floor when dropped or a desk if something is spilled. iBallz Mini, RRP £19.99, are a slightly smaller version and fit most 7inch tablets, including the Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7” and Motorola Xoom.

The lightweight design of iBallz has been specifically developed for young people ensuring that tablets can be used without additional weight and bulk. Padded corners increase comfort when using the tablet in a classroom environment and you can even use the iBallz to hang your tablet on the wall like a picture frame, ideal for a teacher to demonstrate various tasks on the tablet. The flexible nature of the iBallz allows you to reposition the balls to tilt and rest your tech at the optimum typing angle, adding extra comfort for users. For additional protection iBallz offers the iBallz Lid, RRP £24.99, an extremely popular product with schools. The Lid is a unique folding sleeve for all models of iPad. Created to work with the iBallz Originals, the sleeve wraps around your iPad and stays attached while in use offering extra protection for tablets. It can be carried one-handed thanks to its glove-like design. A sturdy stand allows for vertical and horizontal tablet orientation and a mesh pocket is integrated for storage of small accessories to keep them safe. For ease of recognition there is also a card holder for storing an identification card for students or establishments. A Hard Case is also available, with an SSP £29.99, a lightweight moulded sleeve for all models of iPad designed to work with the iBallz Original. A removable hand strap allows for convenient carrying from classroom to classroom.

My eldest daughter Chloe (aged 9) has got an iPad2 that she got through a school programme last year. She's been using it at school and at home for the past 6 months. I have often dreaded the thought of what would happen if she had dropped it but I don't have to worry about that any more. Her iPad is now protected with both the iBallz shock absorbing harness and case. The squishy foam balls which now surround her iPad corners mean that if she drops her iPad it won't actually touch the floor which is great news. The case is lined with a lovely soft fur and fits really nice. The only problem is, there's no camera hole which means she has to take her case off everytime she needs to take a photograph which she does quite a lot during school. She still loves this case and thinks it makes her iPad look very cool but it is a slight pain having to take it on and off all day long. Luckily it's easy to do so she doesn't mind too much. The iBallz products are cool looking and very easy to use. They're reasonably priced and quite a good buy. Chloe is happy to keep her new iBallz harness and case on so that's a good sign. I'm sure she would have removed it and put her old purple case back on if she wasn't happy. Chloe gives the iBallz products a fab 4/5 where as I would have to give them a 3/5. The iBallz products are doing their job though and are keeping Chloe's iPad safe which is the main thing so Mummy Of 3 Diaries gives iBallz a Thumbs Up! 

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