My Family

My Family

Monday, 24 September 2012

Growing Too Fast #Poem

Growing Too Fast

It seems like only yesterday,
My little man was born.
He was so tiny and small
I remember watching him sleep in the morn.

My precious little baby boy,
My one and only son
Lying there in front me
Our journey had begun.

From the very beginning
I held him so tight
Hand in hand, side by side
It always just felt right.

He grew and grew each day
But we never grew apart
He's still my special little boy
He's still my beating heart.

Yes I love my girls this much
But Ryan was my last
Everything was different this time
I hung on to the past.

He's growing up so fast
Mummy isn't ready
He seems so independent
Always oh so steady.

Such a cheeky, happy boy
Always full of fun
He's a charming little toddler now
A new adventure begun.

Our routines may change
Our lives may move on
But he's my proudest moment
He's my son!

Ryan may be only two
But he's no longer my baby
He'l soon be growing more
And driving me crazy.

He's such a tender, loving soul
He's such a sweet, kind boy
I know he's going to make me proud
And fill my life with joy.

This Mummy isn't ready
But I doubt she ever will
As long as I have his hand to hold
I know he'l love me still.


  1. Such a lovely poem! I agree that our little boys are growing up too fast! If you find a magic potion to keep them small, please let me know! :) x

    1. Aw Thank you lovely :) Magic Potions? They sound interesting lol x